Matching shoes, The Flintstones and Lasagne

Not much at all to be honest, let down! Oh incase you missed my little loves post from last week, you can find it here.
Matching converse for the boy & I .
More uniform attire, including a well done sticker for good football.
The girls absolutely loved watching this (about three times) I also showed them the photo of my big brother & I when we went to watch it at the cinema. Excuse the dodgy fringe, but I do love our colour co-ordination, I seriously wish I kept all my old clothes!
We’ve been listening to some audio books that we got from Nanny Pat, Winnie The Witch ones to be precise which the girls love, just like me! They’ve been a hit in the car in the mornings.
Home made lasagne

Feeling a little lost without my girls but also enjoying one to one time in the mornings with my little chap.
I am absolutely behind on everything at the moment, ‘real life’ and also in my work and blogging. Having been poorly for a few weeks now it’s really set me back, and left me feeling very low on energy to do anything but go to bed at 8pm most nights, and try to not faint during the day – its been rather grim. It’s also been our first proper week of doing the school run so having four car journeys a day leaves me with limited time as Halle only does mornings. but hey, less of the rambling. I’m hoping to feel better soon and I hope you’re all well and have lovely plans for the weekend ahead!
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  1. Louisa says:

    It hard to get used to the kids being at school isn't it? It will be half term before we know it! I hope you feel better soon and your energy levels return x

  2. Donna says:

    I love the matching Converse, so, so cute!! Have a wonderful weekend lovely x

  3. @SarahAnneDG says:

    Aww, cute shoes! And that park looks like such a lovely place.


  4. Oh I love the vintage you and your brother – what wonderful outfits. I didn't know Winnie the Witch was on audiobook, the girls love the books so I'll have to look out for them!

  5. Ha ha love the throwback pic. I loved that film! 4 car journeys a day – that's what I've got to look forward to soon aswell 🙁 Hope you have a lovely weekend x

  6. Hope you start to feel better soon, it's so hard to look after kids when you feel ill. That lasagne looks amazing, I want to eat it now and it's only 6am! I wish I could make it but Mr C's allergic to dairy and it would be horrible without cheese and white sauce on top! x

  7. Ah Nat. I hope you feel back to your usual self very soon. It is awful being ill with kids. I loved Winnie the Witch as a child, so I really need to get it for my boys. So good. LOVED seeing the picture of you and your bro – classic! xx

  8. Sorry, that you've been feeling poorly lovely, are you feeling any better?
    That lasagne looks amazing, I'm totally making some for dinner now! xx

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