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When family time is limited, I love nothing more than looking forward to spending so much quality time together even if in small doses for a while. Mr T has been working extra hard lately and not being home until after the kids bed time most days, along with other things going on its been all a bit hectic. So when we had no plans one Saturday afternoon we went for a drive, and ended up having a lovely impromptu family lunch. Enjoying lovely food while talking, playing and laughing.
These moments are worth the wait some times, especially when you see how much fun the littles are having in a simple little play area.
 Its such a lovely thing watching your child overcome a little fear in their own time, watching them negotiate how brave they feel and then they have courage and take a chance into the unknown – that being a very dark tunnel slide – the joy of achievement is so beautiful when its written across their dear little faces! 
Enjoying a post-nap refreshment with Daddy.
A cheeky blackcurrant squash face.
Miss almost five.
Nothing beats the swings to lift your spirits!
Higher Daddy!
Daydreamer, just like her Mama.
Lots more fun, Little chap was still half asleep from his nap!

Please feel free to checkout this inspiring project, involving lots of photo-loving parents just wanting to capture moments of their littles ones embracing childhood. This wonderful project is hosted by the lovely Hayley at Shutterflies blog but you can also link up here along with some of our other co-hosts. Look forward to seeing your images and stories!

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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Donna says:

    Such gorgeous photos. We have to snatch family time when we can too a trip to the park for us is sometimes one of the sweetest and bets moments x

  2. I know what you mean, we've just got back from little break away and it felt like the first proper family time in ages. You have to make the most of it and it certainly looks like you have been. Utterly, utterly gorgeous photos.


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  3. Emma T says:

    Stunning photos. A trip to play on the swings can provide such fun and laughter.

  4. Carie says:

    Oh what a lovely set of pictures! You've really captured the feeling of a happy afternoon- just look at those smiles!

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