Camping with little ones in Holmsley, The New Forest – Part one.

I’ve finally gathered some time to be able to finish my posts from our camping trip last month! It was then that we decided to take our little ones camping for the very first time. we also had family members join us so it was one big camping trip for the weekend. The drive down wasn’t so bad, we did hit a bit of traffic but this may be as we went on a Saturday morning where as we usually go at a more off-peak time. Our stay there was booked for Saturday – Tuesday, enough time to just have fun with our littles, having Daddy with us away from work too.

On our first night, we had set up the camping area, had hot dogs and lasagne (that my sister pre-made before getting there, lovely!) I was pretty much read for bed at like 10pm as I wasn’t feeling too great and was the designated driver too, I don’t mind driving on holidays but sometimes when the kids fall asleep, and then Ty dozes off its enough to make me want an early night that evening, ha. The littles were so excited to be camping outside ‘for real’ ever since they did camping in our back garden for one night, and the girls were chuffed that their cousins were joining us too. So lots of excitement, toasting of marshmallows – with supervision of course), led them to have some later evenings despite being so busy each day. before bed they would all snuggle in their pj’s and watch a dvd together, there were moments when there were disagreements, but to be expected with three kids aged 3,4, and 4 and a half! 😉
 Evening camp lighting

Grainy but I love this photo.

Photos from my phone of our littles snug as bugs in their beds.

Phoenix and baby cousin would go to sleep not long after some snuggles and slept pretty well to be honest, I think it was the best Phoenix had slept that month! Once the littles were asleep, all the adults would sit around the fire, chatting, reflecting on the day, life, and enjoying the nibbles and couple of beers. I was quite happy drinking my very amazing (if I do say so myself) hot chocolates with cream and marshmallows, the kids loved them too! I’m a sucker for hot chocolates.

The next day we went down to the beach we usually visit, relaxed there for a while as the men were looking for parking spaces, got some food and then met Mr T’s Mum as she was joining our trip. She bought her two dogs down with her so they were enjoying chasing and swimming after the tennis balls in the sea, I enjoyed watching from a far, feeling the sand on my toes, and sitting next to my biggest girl. We then walked along the harbour, looked at the lovely Art festival which was on that weekend where we ate some delicious crepes, had a wander then made it back to camp.

That evening, the littles were enjoying playing on the big area of grass behind our tents, chasing the footballs, going with Mr T exploring all that was around them. Phoenix just loved the open space to run after his beloved football, was lovely to see him playing with them.

Each morning I was waking up pretty early as our littles tend to be early birds, so I would just sit around the camp and enjoy a cup of tea while Phoenix was stomping about in his little sleep suit and slipper boots, when everyone else would wake after a short while some of us then decided to walk the dogs, over the other side of the fence into the New Forest fields, so many horses and cows but not at the end we were walking thankfully as the dogs would’ve freaked more than likely. So we took a nice fresh morning walk, got back, had showers to freshen up then got ready to head to the harbour again, but this time we waited for the ferry to go across to the sandbanks. You can see more pictures and about our last trip to Mudeford in a few posts here, here, and here when we went for Halle’s third birthday.

We love to take our little ones on the ferry, it only takes five minutes but they love it every time. We then took the 45minute walk over to the beach cafe there, relaxed there for a bit, got some cakes and ice creams (as you do) then got the train back to Avon beach where we had a dinner reservation at The Noisy Lobster – their food is amazing! We love to eat here when we come down, always welcoming.

You can see more pictures and read a little bit more about our camping trip in Part two.

Here’s a little movie from our long weekend.

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5 Discussion to this post

  1. Donna says:

    I spent every summer camping in the New Forest as a child. It's only an hour from us but always felt like just one great big adventure and you have made me long for that all over again. What a wonderful weekend x

  2. Amber Wilde says:

    Oh FANTASTIC pics – as ever! I just love your blog. I could spend all day on here. xx

  3. Carie says:

    Oh what a fantastic trip! Camping is so much fun with the little ones isn't it, they have such s natural spirit of adventure and everything is fun!

  4. What a lovely trip sweets. Love all the photos and video too. Sounds like you had an amazing time. I used to love camping myself as a kid. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  5. This looks so lovely and the pictures are gorgeous. I can't wait to take F camping as we used to go every year as a family until I was about 18! I particularly like the photo of your girls sitting on the lobster pots xx

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