Camping with little ones in Holmsley, The New Forest – Part two.

You can read part one of our camping trip here. I didn’t want to over share the images and movie in one big go otherwise it may crash your screens theres that many! 😉

Have I told you about a funny little memory we have of this train from Yve’s was 2? It was terrifying at the time but also very funny as it lasted all of five minutes, we were queuing for thr train with Yve’s and Halle, they then decided to re-park the train in a straighter line, but we then realised Yve’s wasn’t to be seen, she was only on the blooming train without us, a little shocked bless her but Daddy ran up to her, walked round until it stopped then it was a giggle fest all the way back!
The rest of the camping was just really about switching off if i’m honest, I had no phone signal there so I left my phone in my car most of the time unless getting a little photo if not using my ‘big camera’. I think thats one of the best things about going on holiday, just turning off for a little while.
We look forward to taking our littles camping again, it was a very positive experiences, one that we can add to our pre-child camping days.

And heres the film again 

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  1. Donna says:

    That photo of your OH is amazing! Multitasking like a pro! Sounds like such a lovely break x

  2. It really does sound like the perfect getaway. What a beautiful part of the country xx

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