Our family in September 2015

We’ve had a whirlwind of a month once again, refurbishment has started on our home, Yve’s started primary school, and Halle started back at nursery but for every morning where as she usually only did one morning. two journeys to school each day has been numbing my brain a little bit some times and leaving me with little time to fit stuff in around all the other things I have to get done, plus appointments etc – its been hectic. Mr T was also working away a lot at the beginning of the month, and not getting home until past the kiddies bed time which wasn’t very great at times where i’ve been un well but he’s now working in a different location closer to home (for now!) – That being said, we made up for the time we haven’t had as a family and enjoyed a impromptu pub lunch in a quiet village, an afternoon at Cogges Manor Farm a few weeks back along with some lovely lazy days at home on the other weekends.
Having time to just not do much is what all families need from time to time, especially when life has been very manic. If i’m totally honest its been an emotional roller coaster for me too in more ways than one, in particular that my biggest girl is spending so much time away from us now that she’s in school. I’ve seen her become even more self-confident, taking pride in herself when bringing home her ‘well done stickers’, but not before telling me how much of her lunch she had eaten and that she said Hello to her little sister when they saw and embraced one another at the nurser gate during playground time. The girls have always shared such a wonderful close bond, and I was worried that it would effect them in a negative way, but most of the time (when not extremely over tired and needing rest) they are all over each other when they get home at 3:30pm. Its been such a lovely thing watching Phoenix get so excited to be reunited too, a proper little trio they are, three musketeers.
I’ve been writing a post actually about how and why i’ve not blogged a lot lately, so watch this space….
So yeah, Its been a bonkers month, filled with lots of busy days, exciting news, worrying news, tiring mornings after rough nights sleep, happy lazy snuggles on a weekend and actually eating dinner together as a family after so many days of not doing that due to Daddy’s work. In October I am really looking forward to the colder autumnal weather making an appearance, our house renovations being completed, hopefully feeling a lot healthier, Cosy evenings snuggled together as a family, and my biggest girl turns FIVE – well that i’m hoping doesnt creep up too soon, where has my baby gone! 
These images are so cringey but they’re real, and make me giggle as it was such a drama getting them. Everyone was super tired from running wild and playing around Cogges Farm, Poor Yve’s had scuffed her arm, Halle is giving Phoenix a hug thats probably a little ‘too much love’ and Mr T & I are just laughing as i minutes before I ran all the way to my position and then realised I hadn’t pressed the self timer properly and had to do it all over again while people were stood watching waiting to walk along the bridge, haha. 
dear beautiful
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4 Discussion to this post

  1. Not cringey at all – they're lovely photos.

    Oh and I did the self-timer thing a few times myself! Whoops!


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. Louise says:

    I love these photo's! What an enthusiastic hug your little guy is getting from his sister too 🙂 #meandmine

  3. Oh it's a fabulous set up and lovely pictures. It sounds like your September has been completely manic – hopefully October will be calmer!

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