Bath time with Cussons Little Explorers

Bath time can go either way in our household, it can be the lovely, soothing, and the best way to relax the little ones before stories and bed time. Either that or it can go horribly wrong where everyone is over tired, in a grumpy mood from the over tiredness, or turning the bathroom floor into the atlantic ocean. That being sad, both of the scenarios are part of everyones childhood and we’ve all been there, done that! so as best we can – we try to embrace it!

They have always been huge fans of bath time though, and the ‘bad scenarios’ don’t make an appearance too much if i’m honest. It has always been something that they’ve enjoy doing and especially when they have fun products that let you create ‘bubble beards’ or ‘ginormous hair do’s! We usually get them some lovely bath treats from Lush, choosing the robot bath bombs or the seasonal christmas ones. I love letting them choose some bath products as it brings back some memories for me when I use to pop into town and get some from the Body shop, or eagerly await to see if I had any Avon bath pearls in my stocking. So funny how doing things with your own children can awaken lovely memories of your own.

These lovely products by Cussons worked a treat with our tribe and they especially loved the squidgy soap creating the bonkers beads, or crazy hair. The bath crackles were a hit and something they’ve not seen before and found it very fun listening to the popping sound and watching the water change colour! Not only that, the bubbly bath, hair & body wash are so lovely too. All of the products are nice and gentle on their skin, and smell absolutely gorgeous! You can read more about the Cussons ‘Little Explorers’ range here. We used the products on all three of them, but also tried out the baby shampoo and body oil from the Baby range, they really do smell so lovely and reminded me of when we used to do a lot of baby massage with each of them – something we’ve always found very beneficial with our little ones, and without a doubt, we will definitely be using these when our new addition comes along next year!  I will also be talking about the ‘Bump gift pack’ which includes bath soak, body lotion, stretch mark cream, and shower cream in a lovely bag in an upcoming post throughout my pregnancy.

NB: I was kindly sent the full range of Cussons products in exchange for an honest review.All words, opinions, images are entirely my own unless stated otherwise.

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