Splash time with your little ones with Huggies Little swimmers

Ever since I was expecting my first baby, I have introduced my ‘bump’ and then my babies to the water very early on. With my first child, we took her swimming at a local pool when she was just 12 weeks old and its something that stuck. We then did the same with our second and third baby and will without a doubt do the same with our fourth baby due in April 2016! 
Almost all of last year, we would take our little family swimming every single Friday evening, meeting various family members there too, including grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins etc. The pool was very old and basic, and small so it would work out to just be ‘our lot’ in there most times! it became a wonderful routine for us, and I even documented and made a lovely little film from one of our typical swimming sessions here from last November. 
So when I was contacted to work with Huggies on this wonderful little scheme to promote their fantastic nappies I couldn’t resist. It has also given me the boost to get into a routine of swimming again with our little ones and along with our family swimming, I am looking forward to enjoying a weekly morning session with my little chap while the girls are at nursery & school. Enabling quality one to one bonding time, and teaching him that swimming is not only a life skill, its fun too!
Here’s our fabulous package we were very kindly sent for the purpose of this post.
Including this very stylish waterproof Pentax camera. Its such a huge shame that we wasn’t allowed to film in the pool, every single place we contacted have the policy of no photography or film so I was able to catch a couple of clips and images before-hand.
We’ve always used huggies little swimmers nappies, and I also noticed, every baby and toddler in the pool this morning was wearing the same brand. The durability, and comfort for little ones is paramount when in a swim session and these definitely meet the criteria for us.

The swim pant every baby should be swimming in!
The UK’s number one swim pant brand, is encouraging parents to take to the pool with their little ones and start a habit that lasts a lifetime. They are expertly designed so they won’t leak or expand in the water – they also contain little accidents to help prevent embarrassing mishaps in the pool. 

Along with our experiences, I wanted to include some tips from baby swimming expert and HUGGIES® Little Swimmers® brand ambassador Laura Sevenus:

Have fun
Holding your baby close will help them feel safe and encourage them to enjoy the experience of being in the pool.

Get in the pool as soon as you can
Taking your baby swimming as early as possible reintroduces them to what they’ve been use to in the womb for so many months, the gentle soothing them into the water will reap benefits within a few sessions.

Plan ahead
Make a list of everything you need, including Huggies Little Swimmers which contain little accidents and won’t leak or expand in the water. This is a crucial factor as you don’t want to set yourself up mentally, get all excited then realise you forgot something very important!

Make the most of bath time
Bath time is a great way to get your baby used to being in the water with you. They love the physical freedom the buoyancy of water provides. Take turns with either yourself, Daddy or siblings. Getting everyone involved is a lovely way to share bonding.

It’s a family affair 
Going swimming as a family is a wonderful bonding experience and can help build babies confidence in the water. 

Make a date with other mums
Sometimes it’s easier if you have some morale support so why not ask other mums along!

Get the paddling pool out
Children can spend hours playing in or with water. It’s wonderfully entertaining and a great form of play and exploration, ensuring that all safety measures have been met using suncream and in a nice shaded spot too.

Make it a habit 
Try going swimming as often as possible;  the more you go, the more you and your little one will enjoy it. Maybe start out making it a weekly thing to see how you all like it.

Avoid peak times
If you are new to baby swimming go when the pool if quieter – it will make the entire experience less stressful and enjoyable.

And relax…
Swimming offers many soothing benefits to infants and can help them (and you) relax. 
For practical advice, support videos and a step-by-step guide to baby swimming, visit www.littleswimmers.co.uk.   
In the pool with Rebecca Adlington 
Olympic swimming champion and Huggies Little Swimmers brand ambassador Rebecca Adlington is already taking her baby daughter Summer swimming, and hopes to encourage other parents to take the plunge with their little ones. She goes on to say that:
Swimming is a life skill everyone should have – it could save your life one day as well as being great for your health and wellbeing. 
Getting back in the water is empowering for new mums as well as being a great confidence booster.   You actually burn 300 calories for every 30 minutes of swimming, which is why it is one of the most effective forms of cardiovascular exercise not to mention good for the mind. 
Swimming is one of the few activities you and your little one can actually participate in and enjoy together – it provides that unique special bonding time for parents and children. 
Once you’ve been swimming with your baby a few times you’ll realise that it’s a huge amount of fun and really not much hassle. Not only this, you can also enjoy watching your little one develop in how they enjoy the swim session too.

Here is a little snippet of our morning using Huggies little swimmers, the clip is very minimal due to not being able to film poolside or in the actual pool.

This is a sponsored post. The company who sponsored it compensated me via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value to write it. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

HUGGIES® Little Swimmers®, the UK’s number one baby swim pant, has teamed up with Little Jam Pot Life to offer 1 lucky winner a year’s supply of HUGGIES® Little Swimmers. So if you fancy being in with the chance of winning please enter the fab competition below!

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  1. Sarah Green says:

    Obviously our little ones aren't quite here yet but we have already discussed how we would love to get a weeky swimming routine with them once old enough, so having the swim nappies would be very useful x

  2. We take F to swimming lessons with Waterbabies, and although I don't take him in the water, I love being able to watch Mr F take him in. it's been wonderful to watch their swimming journey together since he was 13 weeks old

  3. KayeLaFaye says:

    I love seeing my children get more confident in the water, my daughter used to hate it and is now doing so well 🙂

  4. It really is such a wonderful thing all round isn't it x

  5. Ahh we use little swimmers and what a gorgeous post hunny. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again this week for another great round of #sharewithme

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