Siblings in October 2015

This past month I have witnessed so many changes in my little trio.
An everchanging and lasting bond between my girls but always loving on their baby brother and their bump. I am finding it hard with Yve’s now being at school, I miss her lots and so do Halle & Phoenix. I’ve noticed the girls can bicker when together at times and I think its from the change in the amount of time they see one another but missing each other too, all routine change I guess and something we’ll work through. Despite all that though they share a passionate love for one another, and for Phoenix, so caring and look out for each other. They really are a lovely trio.
 Our little boy seems to have grown so much this past month, more so in his abilities in speech, and his durability to be able to climb absolutely anything, run as fast as the wind, throw a ball like you would not believe and have the obsession with tractors and footballs like crazy! I’m sad I haven’t done the kids little updates for ages but time really has been limited, I do make notes in my little diary to look back on though but I will be writing a bit more here soon. Its lovely that he’s starting to understand that Mama has a baby in her tummy and constantly wants to pull my top up to kiss my bump!


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