A family portrait project 2015 – October

Wow what a month. So many changes have happened yet the month seemed to whizz by so fast. The beginning of the month our family announced that we were expecting our fourth bundle of joy come April 2016. This was such amazing yet surprising news and the girls are especially excited even though one is voting girl, and the other voting boy! I think it’s safe to say that Phoenix will need some male back up in the future with those two head strong ladies but we’ll have to wait and see come next year as like the other three – it will be left a surprise!
Its been a whirlwind month of gearing up to the first school half term (and a much needed break for us all without any rushing about), the anticipation on my part about our biggest little girl turning FIVE and that we were preparing our brood for a week away in Devon for celebrate this for her, and to see my lovely Nan as she also lives there too. The girls were so excited and Yve’s had the choice of having a birthday party or going on holiday where she would see Great-Nanny Pat, so her choice decided our fate for half term and it couldn’t have been better for our family – more on this soon!
So yes, the half term was a much needed break after months of myself feeling really poorly with the horrible symptoms I had through the first trimester and into the early weeks of the second, but hopefully easing off now! It has felt like it has put a strain on our family in some ways as my energy levels have been so low and its hard for little ones to understand why you’re feeling so rotten when what you’re growing inside you is a good thing! I’ll be covering my pregnancy journey in a little series soon so watch this space.
The school run has been a huge change up for us too as a family, even though since birth I have always taken the littles to playgroups – adding a strict time scale to that when you have yourself and three kids under 5 to get ready and in the car ready to drive 20 minutes to school – it can be strenuous! especially when I am dropping the girls off, coming home to get work done or off to do errands, I then have to go back there to get Halle, back home to do lunch and let Phoenix nap and then back to the school for picking Yve’s up – hence the lack of catching up on blogging! along side this, we’ve had the rubbish poorly months AND just under two months of external works being done at our house which is hopefully finished now – but this did put a spanner in the works, excuse the pun. Not only this, Halle has been having disturbed nights sleep for weeks now which is the opposite as she’s usually the sleepy head, Phoenix has taken a shining to being a 5:30am early riser which leaves us parents very tired most of the time and probably why I can’t keep my eyes open past 8pm, heres to better sleeping next month and beyond!
So wishful thinking that the external works are done now or at least until after Christmas, or when the baby is born, we are now focusing on the interiors getting to the next stage since moving here back in April. I really wanted to share with you more about our home transformation but where its been put on hold I wanted to wait until I have more to write about and share with you, but our plans are exciting – for us anyway! We are almost finished with our whole kitchen/diner renovation including all new flooring, and our new bathroom has been fitted too but yet to choose tiles and accessories (all done by my wonderful Mr with help from my brother in the kitchen too).
So the next month as a family, we are looking forward to snuggling lots under warm duvets, drinking lots of warm beverages, getting the balance of more one to one with our little ones, taking the week days easy with the school run and trying to not add any pressure, & preparing for the pre-festive celebrations (watching as many Christmas dvds as possible is a sport don’t you know)
Here’s our round up of photos from October, our trip to Devon.
with an added outtake!
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  1. Aw these are lovely happy photos! Looking forward to hearing more about your devon adventures. I hope Yves had a lovely 5th birthday. I am not looking forward to the time when I have to start doing a school run- i find it strenuous enough now just getting freddie to nursery on time twice a week! Hope the rest of the term goes well and you can look forward to a lovely Christmas break xx

  2. Gorgeous family captures this month Nat and your growing family too. Can't wait to see you all as a family of six. The kids will be great siblings. They are always so happy. Thank you for linking up to Share With Me and I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. #sharewithme

  3. Looks like you were all having quite a giggle when these photos were taken! Really lovely! #MeandMine

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