Hello second trimester!

Today marks my 18th week of pregnancy number four!

 To say the last three months have been hard is an understatement. If you read my last pregnancy related post you’ll have seen how really rough it’s been in this pregnancy, most definitely being the toughest by far – symptom wise. I think what added to it is that when you have more than one child, especially close in age (ours will all be aged 5 and under by the time baby number four is born in April) – time for rest doesn’t come as easy as when you were expecting your first, or even your second baby when you can nap when your toddler does. This time around I’ve felt so awful with some new symptoms added into the mix which basically felt like it was spinning out of control for the first three months, i’m definitely feeling lots better now which is a huge relief, my results have come back good but they want to keep a close eye on me for the next few months in particular.

I had my 16 week midwife check up this week, this was a late appointment considering i was then 17 and a half weeks pregnant due to no free spaces, and then we were away on holiday in Devon last week for Y-M’s fifth birthday. It was lovely finally having my appointment in more ways than one, as the midwife was one I used to work with in the NHS, and she’s also seen me through each of my previous pregnancies so talking with her puts me at ease as she knows my history with it all. Another reason why it was such a relief more so than usual is that the babies movements had gone very quiet the past week, if any at all some days and where i’ve had another round of major headaches it did make me worry that something wasn’t right. In my previous pregnancies, I felt the babies earlier on each time and I started feeling this little one move around 14 weeks. So for it to slow down so much made me anxious. I was just itching to hear our little baby’s heartbeat and to know he/or she is well and healthy. It took a while to find the heartbeat as it kept wriggling so much in there but a strong beat was found, A huge sigh of relief from me thats for sure. She also mentioned that my placenta was posterior so the more favourable position. I remember that my girls were anterior high and Phoenix was posterior high so maybe why I felt the movements earlier this time but I just think where there is so much free movement with my diastasis recti – it can basically hide very well and make me worry! My BP was good in this check up considering I usually suffer with very low levels in pregnancy along with anaemia, but its all looking good so far!

We recently had our letter from the hospital with our baby’s downs screening result with it thankfully being in the lowest risk category so another huge relief! With the girls I never had this test as we wanted to leave things to fate, where as with Phoenix and this little one we decided to as its something I think we needed to have clarified where we already had such huge responsibilities and would’ve wanted the preparation if the result wasn’t as good.

I attended my first physiotherapy appointment in this pregnancy last week which went okay, I’ve been given a tubi-grip for minimal use and will be assessed every month as I get bigger and will eventually be given a pelvic girdle to help support my bump if necessary. We went through lots of exercises, advice and made a plan for my next session. I will be getting back into my exercises for my tummy now I know the coast is clear and it wont effect the baby in a negative way, or me. I am still following my dvd, but the main thing is stretching, posture and making sure I am activating my pelvic floor and transverse abdominals regularly to build up my strength. I found swimming was soothing for my bump in my last pregnancy too and is a nice way to work out even if its a casual swim with my family so i’ll be doing that too. Anything to hopefully prevent getting PGP again like the late stages in my last pregnancy.

Here’s my 18 week bump photo.

I am hoping to do regular updates, I may combine my weekly into a monthly batch post or something as time is limited already without the added pressure of writing every detail here, along with my personal diary at home. So i’ll pull extracts from that and share with you in some format here. I really had my heart set on sharing some Vlogging for the first time here so hopefully within a few weeks I will once i’ve built up the confidence to share myself talking on camera. I love documenting my pregnancies through words, photos and film and want to remember this one as much as the last three if not more as this is 99% our last. So i’ll continue to document and share snippets here (but hopefully my vlogs too!)

Incase you missed my first uploaded to social media bump photo, this was my 16 week bump! I feel like my bump is changing shape everyday and is so pokey out. Maybe due to having big babies before and big frontal bumps!

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  1. Kerry Dyer says:

    You look gorgeous! Glad you're feeling better 🙂 xx

  2. Lucy Heath says:

    What a picture perfect bump, so sorry you've felt so rough, fingers crossed you feel even better this month xx

  3. Lovely to see some bump pics! What a gorgeous neat little bump! I wonder if it's a boy or girl! 3 and 1 or 2 of each! xx

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