A family trip to Cogges Manor Farm

Back at the end of September our family was in much need of some ‘quality time’ together as the past few months had been very hectic around here. What with lots of house renovations going on, finding out our exciting news, and with that myself feeling extremely poorly for those first three months. Plus the whole starting school for our Yves, more nursery days for our Hal and just a lot of change in such a small time scale really, we’ve still not 100% settled since moving to our new house in April as ridiculous as it sounds but where the place needed and still does need so much work, it’s been a test in the waters that’s for sure. 
So when some days give you a little refresh, it sometimes calls for time to switch off and just focus on a day dedicated to the ones you love most. As much as we long to live down by the seaside one day, we are fortunate to have such great places to visit near where we live. We decided to go to Cogges Manor Farm, it’s always such a nice day out its not massive but it’s just enough when you want to take your little ones to see some animals to feed or have a run around. They had so much fun, and even enjoyed the lunch we shared together, They especially loved the wooden play area where there is a huge zip wire that the girls built up the courage to go on this time which was lovely to watch. Then there was Phoenix chattering away to the chickens and the girls telling us how much the pigs stank like poo and that they didn’t want to feed them anymore because they stank ‘too rotten’. 
All fun & giggles in our little ordinary day out. watching as my little chap walks hand in hand with his Daddy who he idolises, the girls making cunning plans with one another and encouraging each other to explore their surroundings and to hold the guinea pigs. The fact I felt so awful as being secretly pregnant at the time but wanted to make the best of our special day. Days like these when nothing else matters except having your true loves around you.
Heres some photos from our time at Cogges Farm, and a little film too.
Having a natter with the older ladies.
Jump for joy!
Wheres Wally
We woke Phoenix up from his nap as we knew he would’ve been sad to have missed it! 
My biggest girl looking so grown up.
My affectionate little Halle.
A just woken up daze
Finding apples in the orchard.
Delicious hot chocolates.
I’m a sucker for homemade soups, we shared these along with a yummy selection of sandwiches all with freshly made bread.
Down to the guinea pig hut, this little face just shows the joy about being there!
Which way now?
Still feeling rather rough but nothing would stop be enjoying a go on the slide with this little chap.
Our crazy three, I love this photo. 
Heres a little film I made:

*I have not been paid to mention Cogges Farm, I just wanted to document our little day as we love little trips to places like this. 
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5 Discussion to this post

  1. Emma T says:

    We love Cogges Farm too, although it's so small, we whip round it too quickly. N loves the play areas though, the cafe has really good food. Gorgeous photos – looks like you had a lovely day for it #sharewithme

  2. Erin Vincent says:

    ow, what gorgeous photos! This looks like a lovely outing for you and your family. #SharewithMe

  3. Ah this looks like such a lovely day out. Those hot chocolates look delicious too! Love family days out like this xx

  4. You always take amazing photos of the kiddos so jealous. These are fab. What a lovely time at the farm too. Fun family days out are always the best memories. How do you do it all girl? I am amazed. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round! #sharewithme

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