A white hot chocolate date with my girls

Yesterday morning, we had such a busy one. It started off with going to choose new blackout blinds and curtain poles ready to kick start more internal decorations as we’ve finally been told it’s the end of our external works that seemed to have taken a life’s time to finish. If you’ve read some previous posts, you’ll have seen that it’s been a bit strenuous and relentless having constant works going on that basically dictate your days. 
Anyway, after the choosing of those, were planned on getting our new bathroom tiles but house shopping with three kids doesn’t always go smoothly so we then decided to get some lunch instead, not necessarily the healthy kind – I really fancied some Macdonalds fries! Then Mr T dropped us girls into town. They both insisted that they wanted to take ‘an open-top bus’ home, as the rain hadn’t stopped all day I compromised with a normal double decker bus ride home once we were finished! 
Once in town, busy as ever on a Saturday morning, we looked around the shops together, dodging the rainfall and giggling along the way. We did need to pick up a few things but time was short as Mr T needed us back by 1pm as he plays football on Saturday afternoons. I wanted to get Yves some new boots as well but after trying on a few pairs we didn’t find any that she liked 100%. With a time check, and remembering our promise, we then headed to Costa for our ‘white hot chocolates’, with a choice of cake each. Yves opted for a reindeer biscuit lolly where as Halle went for the mini cherry bakewells – as I predicted. Anything with those glacier cherries on the top is a winner for our little H. The barista gave the girls their drinks at the same price as normal babycchinos instead of the full adult price of a festive drink so that was nice, and with lashings of cream and the cherry sauce of course in lovely little snowman cups much to the girls delight! I love little dates with my girls, we’ve not done it enough really, we’ve had one solo one each but this was our first date as ‘us girls’ and it was lovely, even though a little rushed – having time to talk, watch and take them and their little quirks in is something I am grateful for. I hope they g row up knowing how much I love them and how much I was our closeness to blossom, I can imagine doing these things with them when they’re growing older, something I never got to do with my Mum, but did with my dad. We’re best friends now and if I could make a wish, it would be that my little children and I will be best friends forever and love will always be there. We enjoyed the bus ride home, them more so than me as I really just wanted to fall asleep and get home! But it was so cute listening to them describing how they liked it, people watching, us three snuggled on one double seat. The rain didn’t dampen spirits as they were full of giggles and smiles, we then ran down the road to our house in the pouring rain, clutching hands and ready to relax for the afternoon. (our first bus ride living here and thankfully the bus stop is two minutes away!)
All morning I had been a little on edge taking them out after hearing the news around the world. The same with how I feel anytime I hear anything like it, I just find it hard to comprehend how people can be so cruel, why they want to commit so many awful things to innocent people. Those poor people having to face fear head on and not know if they would ever get to see their loved ones again has got to be the worst feeling. I had to turn the news over, it just upsets me so much that these type of situations are going on everywhere, it really makes you question where is safe in the world? The most frightening thought is that this ever changing world is our children’s future. I mean, anything is uncertain – that’s life. But to have the adult knowledge of what’s going on when your little ones are completely none the wiser is a scary awakening for when they do learn about the bad things life can show. I’ve also been really anxious as my Dad flies out on holiday on Wednesday, and with all the other news it just makes me scared if something will happen. He always says though that life doesn’t stop for anyone, it will continue and so must we, fight through it all and overcome. Fear shouldn’t be the way of living, feeling inferior by other people’s crazy actions. 
Life is for living, enjoying, with those you love, I want my children to grow up knowing that love will conquer all, be kind but also be twice as strong. Know their worth and know that they deserve happiness.
So on that note, a simple hot chocolate date with my girls no matter how on edge I felt at times, was something we will make a regular thing. Time with them to continue getting to know their ever changing personalities, experiences in school and nursery and laughing, cuddling until our hearts are full. 
Besides, they’ve already made a note of all the different types of hot chocolates they want to try this festive season anyway! I wanted to take my ‘big cam’ along instead of using my phone but sometimes you just need to enjoy the moment without carrying around a chunky piece of equipment (my 35mm lens is heavy!) 

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  1. What a wonderful day out with your girls! #sharewithme

  2. Ahh what a lovely time together with your girls. That time is so special and they will cherish these mommy memories forever. I could use a white hot chocolate right now you have me craving one now. lol Thank you for stopping by LTM and linking up to SWM. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round of #sharewithme

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