20 weeks pregnant in our fourth pregnancy

The past few weeks I have felt like time is flying, almost to the point that i had wondered if I was 19 or 20 weeks, It seems to be going so fast but also seems like it has taken us a while to get here, to the point of not feeling so un well, the days when I wake up with actual energy even if it is small amounts sometimes. I’ve had so many days when I’ve been an emotional wreck, my hormones have taken over and I feel like a completely different person. Tiredness has been a huge factor recently especially as two of our little ones had been having very up & down sleep patterns, including not wanting to go to bed nicely like usual, waking up in the night, and then waking up for the day at 4am, with the other one waking consistently at 5am. it made everyone anxious, tired and moody. and in my case, pregnant moody – never a good result. cue tears flowing at anything, moodiness then feeling extremely guilty for it. So where time has been very limited, I have also been annoyed at myself because I’ve been slacking on my tummy exercises for my diastasis recti, which I know isn’t going to help me now or in the long run. So I will try again, squeezing as much as I can in between sorting the littles out and once again reminding myself that my needs matter too. That being said, once they go to sleep (thankfully the past 3 nights have been brilliant and back to normal) I literally just want to curl up under my blanket and relax. This weather makes for hibernation though! But, I will make more efforts with the time I have.

A lovely thing that has happened recently is that we bought something for the baby, I know we’ve basically got everything having had both genders, but it’s a tradition of ours to buy something neutral new and fresh which symbolises new beginnings with someone completely unique to us once again. we also came across a pair of new hand-knitted booties that have never been used by our three which will go nicely too.

In the next few weeks I have a consultant appointment coming up, this is where we can talk more about how I was feeling so poorly and weak in the first three months (advised to do this by my midwife just to make sure i’ll be okay and well looked after) They will also just rule out anything as I had a post partum hemorrhage after Yve’s was an hour or so old but the other two were fine. I think everything will be fine, and i’m hoping to be referred back to just midwifery led care as I want to give birth where I feel comfortable. and that is either on a lovely unit where i’ve birthed before or maybe even at home.

Symptoms I’ve had recently are the mentioned:
– fluctuating hormones.
– tiredness (whats new?)
-Back ache (due to no core strength)
– Now struggling to bend to reach my shoes!
– bleeding gums (It’s bizarre, but i’ve had this in all four pregnancies – not nice, dentist appointment is very soon thankfully.)

I am in need of some maternity jeans I think. After three pregnancies and never having to use them, after doing the trusty but equally annoying hairband trick I think I may invest in some, either that, or live in leggings like usual! On a serious note though, I would like some even though the likelihood is that this is our last pregnancy, I may as well do it in more comfort! and I bet they come in handy for post-pregnancy tummy’s too, I also really want to keep trying new styles and adapt it to my pregnancy shape, where I am always so busy doing the school run, its always quite rushed, but I like to try out new pops of colour, and I want to try more ‘no jeans, or leggings looks’, maybe some long midi dresses, long sleeves and tights – see i’m going for comfort again there? πŸ˜‰ I may do a little post about some outfits, not that i’m a fashionista by any means but hey.

In regards to baby, movements had been quite slow a few weeks ago, leaving me filled with worry, but after having the scan on Saturday, it was reassuring to see that baby is still okay, and the movements have definitely become more frequent again now so thats lovely to feel. I’ll be posting about our scan in the coming days, with a few bits of news and the experience of our time there.

So for now, here is my 20 week bump pic:

And here are my bump pics in order of weeks just to see if theres any changes over the coming weeks!

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  1. Katie says:

    Oh wow, your bump is coming along beautifully!

  2. looking forward to hearing more about the 20 week scan. Aw how rubbish about the sleep patterns not going well. I am awful if I'm sleep deprived but I guess it's so much easier to nap if there's only 1 toddler about, not 3 children! Hope you're managing to have a bit of you time and some early nights too xx

  3. Bump is looking gorgeous Nat. I hope the consultant appointment goes ok, I am under consultant led care this time after having to previous c sections. I also get regular growth scans once I hit 28 weeks so that is quite nice, it just means I get to see him more! x

  4. Ah you look fab! Sorry you've been feeling so rough, it's awful, especially when you have other little ones to look after too- no rest for the wicked! I also had bleeding gums with both of my pregnancies, went totally back to normal as soon as i'd popped, very strange! x

  5. Bethan Sian says:

    You look fantastic! πŸ™‚ Bump is looking lovely. Hope appointment goes well lovely x

  6. A lovely bump! This is making me broody haha! (not planning to try for another for a few months yet though!) I did love my bump and can't wait til the next time πŸ™‚ #sharewithme


  7. Ahh you look amazing with your cute tidy bump. I love it. Half way there so exciting. I can't wait for all your baby spamming. I am so broody at the moment. πŸ™‚ Hope your appt goes well. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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