Fresh paint, festive beginnings and feeling under the weather.

This past weekend has been a funny one, I’ve had this awful chesty cold for four days now which has really knocked me, I think its originated from being so worried about our little baby bump over the last week or so due to awful inaccurate news from a rather horrid sonographer to be quite honest. This week has just really caught up with me, trying to do too much while running on empty and feeling like i’m forever behind on everything I want to be able to get started, or completed. (including Christmas shopping!). So even though this weekend we had plans, it was nice knowing that we had the option to go at our own pace for the most part of it as opposed to the constant flow of rushing around that we do during the week.  
Saturday morning we had our kitchen freshly painted again just to finalise both rooms (and go over the pen marks from Phoenix!) So the littles and I headed to my Dads to have a relaxed afternoon while Mr T went to football, we had a lovely time, and relaxed once we returned home knowing that our kitchen painting was finally completed – this was a lovely sight to wake up to first thing Sunday morning and it definitely made all the difference despite me wanting to add a few more finishing touches with home accessories and blinds. it felt like we were taking another gradual step towards making this house our home sweet home.

Time went on and off we went to Halle’s christmas singing with her little friends in the village church near the nursery and school. She was so excited, and has been practising all week giving us little shows in the evening. I am so glad I got to film her singing, it was the sweetest thing! she was in her element without a doubt, a smile beaming from ear to ear. Daddy then took Phoenix up the road to watch the football while us girls when to the Christmas fete that followed the singing – lovely time spent with them as they was looking around for what they could spend their money they had left over from holiday on, they both had their nails (‘witwoos’) painted, tattoos and did a number of activities alongside their friends. we then headed to get cakes (high fives from me and baby bump!) and went back to meet the boys for a roast in the village pub.

I love times like these, just going with the flow, quality family time and taking it all in, occasionally holding back tears of pride at how wonderfully lucky I am to have these people in my life. Even more so at how rapidly they seem to be growing lately, and this is another reason for why I love to photograph, write, and share snippets here – I want to remember these little days, with my special people making my heart feel full and content. 

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  1. I've just read your post about your scan and it sounds so awful, so I'm glad that the second went so much better.Your photos are so sweet – your littles are just the sweetest! I hope you have a good week this week lovely xx

  2. I am so glad that the scan went better the second time lovely and that there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with baby, what a worrying time for you all and not nice at all that your scan lady was really unsympathetic. Gorgeous photos of you all and it is definitely the time of year just to go with the flow. x

  3. So so glad that your 2md scan went better Nat- you must have felt really worried, but it sounds like it's all sorted and you had a lovely family weekend. I love days like this, perfect for getting in the festive mood. And that roast dinner just looks amazing! Lovely photos as always! Cx

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