Celebrating small businesses with Kinship Of Oxford

A few months back, I was kindly sent a lovely package from the lovely Rosie at Kinship Of Oxford. I checked out their page as I am a huge fan of small businesses and believe they should be promoted more especially when they provide such beautiful things such as this selection below. Passionate about small businesses, Rosie does just this while stocking a fabulous variety of gifts handmade across the UK. Along with running her online business, Rosie also sets up ‘pop up’ shops in Oxfordshire on regular intervals, i’m yet to attend one of these but really can’t wait to!
A beautiful hand delivered goodie bag just for us!
These polar bear & panda coasters are adorable, vibrant and add a little quirk into our kitchen.
I’ve been lighting this lovely rosemary & thyme candle each time I have a bath and also now its proudly sitting on our fireplace to add to the cosy evenings. What I love about this candle, other than the smell is that its handmade with plant wax, comes in a lovely smart glass & burns for ages!

We were also sent this wonderful table mat which is a huge colouring sheet. This is perfect for our littles, especially the girls and they would spend ages on little sections they wanted to complete. We’ve still kept it for other times in the future when they want to use it as theres so much space to fill on there! I think this would be a great gift for a stocking filler too, and suitable for a wider age range also as there are word searches, snakes & ladders along with other little games included. The link i’ve added is one similar, but a Christmas version.

These two little girls spent ages colouring in, and they still have so much more to complete! A great activity for little people who are eagerly waiting for their snack/ or dinner time.

Along with the lovely gifts for my small people, they were sent this writing kit as well. They both have a love of writing at the moment, Halle does prefer colouring in more so but it’s especially come in handy since Yve’s has started showing a huge interest in writing anything she possibly can, including letters to her Uncle and Auntie who live in New Zealand, practising her word formations and spelling since starting primary school, and just generally loving writing anything (must get that from me!) They have pretty, colourful illustrations on them and the best part is being able to use envelopes apparently!

Included in this wonderful gift bag was a pretty tribal print tassel scarf, and a very lovely ‘make at home’ paper bunting kit. These two I haven’t reviewed yet as we’re saving the bunting for when their bedroom is decorated, & the scarf for when Yve’s can wear in the spring (yes, she has got her hands on it!)

*Thank you so much Rosie for sending us this ‘goodie bag’ for the purpose of an honest review, hopefully see you soon at one of your pop-up shops!

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