A break, nativities and cosy knits

So, I haven’t done a ‘Little loves’ post in a while now. Life has been somewhat very hectic since starting the new nursery/school routine (six 25 minutes trip per day!), finding out about our fourth pregnancy – and coping through very hard months with illness and worries, all that alongside trying to build a different way of life, spending time with my little chap, doing up our house and trying to make something out of my little blog space/ and trying to build myself WFH. But I thought i’d try to join in as I love to look back on simple little things i’ve loved and appreciate them too. 
We’ve been reading our ‘book advent’ each evening, and i’m also trying to finish a few books too. 

Yve’s first nativity since starting school. It was the most adorable thing, she played one of the angels and was so excited to be part of the team. This was a big step for her as for about a year she hated doing things that involved big crowds, where as now – she’s so confident, and really enjoyed herself up there singing her heart out. We’ve also been to watch Halle’s first Christmas carols a week or so ago and she was in her absolute element, anything performing related and Halle is there. her little arm swing for the ‘HEY!’ part at the end of jingle bells was perfection!

I’ve also been enjoying watching a few ‘vlogmas’ on Youtube, I would love to be able to do this daily but finding the time to get it completed would be near impossible right now! busy is an understatement. I am however combining clips from the beginning of December up until next week or so, which will be a ‘getting festive’ kind of film, then there will be the actual Christmas side of things as it will be linked with a little collaboration we’re doing. (Oh and along with trying to complete movies from the past few months including birthdays and holidays, eep!) I need more time in each day! 

Coughing, lots of it, the kids have all had this niggly cough, as have I – all recovering from being ver run down…… and along with the nativity, I’ve heard lots of Christmas songs being sang to me by the kids then me eventually joining in! I really need to get some time to appreciate music again, but this time of year I do love Christmas songs.


This week we’ve been doing some baking, little H had laryngitis last week so we made christmas biscuits to help cheer her up.

 i’ve also been making the house look more cosy for the festive/winter season.

I am living in cosy knits at the moment!

Love this scent, Diamonds by Giorgio Armarni.

And lastly…
I can’t wait to share more of our Christmas interior this year, it’s our first Christmas in this home and we’re also doing a lovely little collaboration to link in with our usual traditions 🙂

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 

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  1. Awww, how cute are the girls in their Christmassy outfits for their little performances…? Adorable! And I hope the coughs are all gone soon, nothing worse than listening to kids cough. x

  2. 6 25 minute trips a day! I thought my school run was bad enough, but it has nothing on yours! What a gorgeous little angel, she looks adorable! Loving the bump pic. Hope you're all feeling better soon x

  3. How cute do your girls look! Noah had his nativity this week too. Loved it! I hope you are feeling better now, it's horrible feeling run down xxx

  4. Morgana says:

    Oh my goodness how adorable is Yves in her angel costume? Such a little beauty.
    So pleased to have you back in the #LittleLoves gang 😉 xx

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