Tapestry boots, Christmas crafting and Santa Babies.

Magazines! (still not read them yet though, i’m saving for this afternoon! 
A challenging couple of weeks, so I may have flicked through these two books. Always wondering if i’m doing a good enough job, then remembering that they are still pretty small and everyday is a new day, with new challenges and I need to learn to take it easy a bit more and not take the ‘i’m going to tell my friends that you didn’t let me have all my advent calendar’ to heart 😉 
I’ve got more rambling on this parenting malarky very soon!

Not much at all, X-factor thats about it, had no time! Isn’t Louisa amazing?
Christmas songs, radio one mix tape this morning and just the general excitement of ‘how many more sleeps now Mama?’ 


Loving my home made broccoli & stilton soup.
Phoenix loves arts & crafts now, so much fun to watch him creating.
While Yve’s has been writing all of her cards from start to finish, amazing me with her writing skills, Halle & I made these yesterday and she also wrote her name on her own! Learning from the best big sister.
The kids and I made some cranberry biscuits and Halle wanted to make a hot chocolate gift jar for one of her teachers at nursery, here’s the rest of our teacher gifts. 
The first time i’ve worn my tapestry ankle boots even though i’ve had them about 5 years!
Bobble hats and cheesy grins as he met Father Christmas for the very first time, ran up to him and ‘high fived’ him. haha
And lastly…
it’s officially the Christmas holidays with my babies, i’m off to pick up my girls and looking forward to lots of family time, no school run car journeys 6 times a day and of course CHRISTMAS itself, our first one in this house (even though it’s not decorated yet) but hey, we’ll be together, that’s all that counts.
There will be a few recent posts coming up over the week as i’ve literally not had time this week, so please to check back in!

Have a lovely Christmas everyone! 

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My blog wont centre align this for some reason! argh!
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  1. Fellow Louisa fan over here too! I think she is amazing. I adore homemade soup – it just takes so much better doesn't it? Love all the crafty pictures too, so sweet and how amazing are all those gifts? How organised are you? Enjoy the time off with your lovelies and merry Christmas xx

  2. Oh I love the last day of term and everyone's officially in the festive mood and ready to take on Christmas ahead and pjs and family cozy days together. Best time of year. Happy holidays lovely. #littleloves

  3. Ah yey for Christmas holidays! While we aren't at school stage yet, I totally know the feeling from my days as a teacher. It couldn't come quick enough. Hope you all have chance for some cosy lie ins and lots of days at home. What gorgeous cards and yet that P is enjoying the crafts and the glitter! xxx

  4. Oh happy holidays, I have one more day before finishing. I only wish I was at home with Lil G doing Christmas crafts. Love those boots. I hope you have a lovely Christmas together x

  5. Morgana says:

    Loving all the crafty-ness!
    I have the talk so kids will listen book, it's fab. I probably should read it again though as I'm not really living it out at the mo, oops!
    Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas together xx

  6. Lisa Fox says:

    Lovely photos 🙂

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