Build a bird nesting box as a family – Featuring B&Q.

If theres something we love to do as a family, Its to spend simple time together. Less of the distractions, no time limitations of having to be somewhere, and just going with the flow and when that includes doing some fun family crafty time – it’s a bonus. To be able to do this more and more would be the dream but we make the most of the time we do spend together and sometimes it does include little projects to do as a team. 
Having three little ones aged just five and under can make things interesting when trying to meet everyone’s age abilities but we do have fun for the most part. So that leads me to a little but very important project we were invited to get involved in with B&Q. This project is about keeping wild birds fed throughout the colder season. Building bird boxes in your garden is one of the best ways to encourage birds to not only visit, but to find a safe place to either feed or nest, man made or natural sloping bird baths are also wonderful for them throughout the year enabling easy hydration.

With this in mind, we had a fabulous little package and a voucher sent to us and our aim was to build a safe nesting box, decorate it and get it prepared for our wild friends, including the children on the action too. They’re huge fans of anything constructive and definitely anything that involves using Daddy’s tools, especially little chap!

We decided to paint the bird box with neutral colours ensuring they were the correct paints for the outside weather, The kiddies wanted to add their personal touches too so this we included with joy, after all they are the main participants in this family project. They’re very much use to bird and helping to feed them as Grampy has always had an avery ever since I was a little girl. He’s always spoken about the importance of keeping them well fed and especially prepared for the winter. When he goes away on holiday we are entrusted to care for his birds which the kids really love to help with. They love to get right inside, turn over the dirt for the quails and give out nice portions of new food, we also replenish the wild bird food tables too as every little helps (Even if the squirrels do try to scoff themselves silly on it!).

So for us, this was a project we really felt passionate about as to be honest its such a nice sight when you see them fly into your garden, stocking up on food then flying away to keep their own little families fed & safe during this time of year. This was also a great project for us to do as a family as it catered to all of our abilities and interests and its something we can hang up and show the little ones in the future that they helped to keep the birds safe and healthy. 

You can’t complete a bird box construction without wearing your absolute favourite Frozen dress right?

 The concentration on their faces was adorable!

All this little chap wanted to do was to “bang bang” anything in sight, but really loved the helping out of the bird box making.

 Our biggest girl looking so grown up.

 The littles are huge fans of getting involved in anything crafty.

One side of our finished bird box.

A big thank you to B&Q for supplying us with the materials needed for the bird box along with a voucher for any additional items we wanted to help personalise our finished product. All images, words and opinions are my own.

Heres a little film to see how it went.

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