Christmas 2015 – The first and last.

This Christmas is a special one in more ways than one. I mean every year its obviously something to look forward to, but with our experiences before having children, and when having children, we’ve also experienced some pretty worrying and stressful times when it comes to the festive period. I have always been a huge lover of all things festive, I love December, I love the way its even more exciting (albeit also stressful) now that we have our littles but its a time of year, along with all the colder weather and cosy evenings that I do look forward to. That being said, Christmas itself seems to have transformed into something so far from what it actually should be about. 
Yes its lovely to give and receive presents.
 Yes its fabulous to have amazing decorations, go all out with interior and even exterior decor, Its wonderful to be able to keep up with all the wacky trends.
But ultimately

it should be about spending time with the ones who mean most to you & vice versa. As mentioned above, I’ve had some completely shitty Christmases in the past due to having to spend time alone away from my loved ones, suffering lots of family trauma, and just generally feeling on edge. So for me, it’s lovely to make the efforts but when I feel its getting a bit much, I remember what it really is all about.

For me, it’s about these elements here:
 Its the best feeling in the world when you see the magic and belief in your children’s eyes, Its such an incredible feeling when you know you can spend at least one cherished evening with your loved one having a much needed date night that doesn’t come around too often (we’re working on this!), sharing wonderful stories and conversations with one another, building deeper connections as a family, the sight of when your littles are getting into bed so excited that they will be getting a visit from Father Christmas very soon, the morning they wake up and realise he has in fact been and left them the most wished for yet simple presents that they will be ever so grateful for, not hundreds upon hundreds of lavish yet unnecessary gifts that will either go to waste or ultimately leave them with lack of appreciation for what they have, and giving them more ammunition to not see the real meaning of this festive period. 
Don’t get me wrong, all kids love the idea of presents, we’ve all been there and we can still admit it is a lovely thing – me included. This isn’t safe-proofing the ‘i’m bored’ moments, or the ‘is there anymore?’ because they are still small ages and as much as we try to let them know the real meaning, it’s still a bit hard when 1. they’re small ages and 2. it really is bombarded everywhere, particularly in city life!

What I mean is we haven’t drummed into our little ones head about the latest trends, allowing them to have every single thing they see on the adverts or what their friends have. Over the past few months we’ve listened and watched, waited to see what truly interests them. We were given little lists from the two girls including a couple of things each that we know they genuinely will love and talk about a lot, and Phoenix has shown a huge interest in Bob the builder diggers and tractors so it was an easy thing for us. Adding in a couple of stocking fillers (and cheeky chocolates, that I promise I won’t eat….) but us personally, we haven’t gone over board. 

This Christmas is and has been a very significant one for our family as its our very first in our new home since we moved here in April, not only this but on the flip side its our last as a family of five. Next year it will be a different ball game completely with a new family member, I will be cradling a breastfeeding crawler no doubt while having my other three treasures tucked on my other side sandwiched between Daddy & I, time may be limited to how we can see to everything but our feelings will remain the same. 
Time is precious, its sacred, its to be cherished. Having a simple Christmas is what its all about.

First born duties.

I was thinking of writing little details of our festive days, but to be honest its just been relaxing (with the added strops of course) but in all fairness, we are just enjoying having time together as a family, a week of it being about us, having Daddy at home as the next time this will happen will be next year for this amount of time. So instead of me waffling on, i’ve made a film of our month of December, and Christmas itself.

You can also see my post about our simple Christmas decor this year.

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