A simple Christmas Featuring B&Q

This year has been a complete whirlwind.
We’ve moved home back in April which has made us so busy trying to fit refurbishment around working time and raising three littles, and we found out we’re expecting our fourth little baby – again making life a whole other level of bonkers, the starting school/nursery along with life in general. Having three (almost four) littles aged 5, 3 and a half and almost 2 and being nearly six months pregnant makes life very busy to say the least! 
So with this our housing decor seems to have taken forever to evolve from the absolute state it looked when we moved in. We’ve managed to fit a new kitchen, downstairs flooring, new bathroom but so much more is on the list to be done on the journey of making it really ours
This had led us to have even more of a simplistic Christmas this year, particularly as its our first in this home sweet home of ours, and the house isn’t anywhere near finished. So we’ve focused on the rooms that have been changed from the previous tenants taste to our very own. 
We also chose to have a real tree for the first year and wow does it make a big difference. The smell, the look, the way the decorations fit and to just and our simple little extras in the two rooms we spend most downstairs. We love to let our littles get involved in the process and let them choose some decorations each year, along with the ones they make at school and nursery. So far, we’ve been really impressed with our choice of ‘a first real Christmas tree’, the needle drop hasn’t been too bad at all and it really is stunning, I think we have been swayed into buying one for future Christmases, they really do look so much better! 
Any Christmas tree will never be 100% safe when you have small children so we try to be as relaxed as possible and realise its just going to get poked and prodded now and again and when decorating, its the thought of the process and the memories made that counts, not the perfection.
Here’s our choices of decorations featuring some beautiful designs and a real Christmas tree from B&Q. We all chose some each which I love as it adds a personal touch, along with all the handmade nursery/school ones from the littles too of course 😉

Halle’s choice
Christmas with ‘sparkle’
‘it’s the most magical time of the year’
‘I just love them all!’
Looking so grown up since turning the big FIVE.
Phoenix’s choice
One of Yve’s
I chose these, loving the gold mixed with white.
Our beautiful Christmas tree.
A post is coming up very soon about what Christmas has meant to us this year, including a little film.
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  1. What a lovely tree and gorgeous decorations! It's lovely to get the littles involved with decorating the tree. We also let Freddie pick a new decoration each year and I try to write on the year in which he bought it. Real trees really are the best I think! xx

  2. Aw, so cosy and festive looking! Hope you and your family have had a lovely Christmas! The first Christmas in a new home is always a special one x

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