Fresh air, laughter and togetherness.

I’ve written recently about our time throughout December, and in particular the festive period including Christmas itself. One of the best days we had was after all the Christmas mayhem with a simple trip to the park, fresh air and lunch. Having fun with our littles is something we love to do, spend time connecting, laughing, joking, playing and just being silly. It’s amazing at what some fresh air can do for the mind, no matter how lovely it is having relaxed days at home with them, with three kids aged just 5, 3 and a half and almost 2, it can sometimes get a bit overwhelming all round. Not only that its just something we generally love to do, get out and explore with them.

This year will see us add our sixth member to our unit and we couldn’t be more excited, the girls are especially thrilled as it’s going to be their ‘Easter baby’ and they get to paint my tummy when its officially huge. Yve’s did this before but to get them all involved this time is going to be so much fun (and messy!).

Having three little ones close in age, with another on the way, a partner who works more than full time and me who is seeing to the kids and trying to make a business – Time can be short. Finding balance is really hard especially when you don’t know what that is, or how to truly get there. We put our all into our family, and like anyone, we would love to be able to have the flexibility to offer them more one to one time, to know the way in which to meet all age abilities, but we have fun so far for the most part, they’ve experienced so much and so have we.

 This journey of parenthood we’re on is only just the beginning, and its one we are learning from happily together each day, and face change in the face like we always have done, to embrace it all.

With everything in life there are tough times, these are good in a random way as they teach you to be grateful for all the good, it uncovered the mist that all the good times over ride the bad and equally both will guide you through life.

So when we get time together, it means the world to us.

In the future, we dream to both be running our own businesses, moving to a place where we can buy our first home together, have more time to give to our then four children and to also get the right balance to have our relationship, and own life goals met too.

For now though, we are going to continue to make the most of what we have, what we do and for that we are really thankful. Children aren’t small for long at all, and I am already grieving for the time thats passed us by, I feel incredibly proud that I am their Mama and this is our life.

Happiness is handmade

Time together as our little unit is something very special to me. 
We may see each other everyday, but when life gets busy it’s hard to see.
When I hear the laughter roaring from little mouths
I feel ever so glad that we decided to explore while out.
Spending time adoring interactions, connections and loves,
These moments don’t come around too often and are to be treasured to the skies above.
So for now until our unit becomes a tribe of six
I’m going to grab hold of these times, cherish and never quit.
My family means to world to me
for this love I feel is what sets my heart free.

– Your Mama.

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  1. You are such a lovely Mama Nat, you really are. I have said it before but I think we are really similar in the respects of how we raise our children. I think living in the moment is always good, time passes by so quickly, and then hopefully in the future you will have all the things you dream of too. Easter is going to be so exciting for us both this year. x

  2. Donna says:

    You have captured some lovely moments there. This is an exciting year for your beautiful family x

  3. Oh that does look like a wonderful day out and you've definitely captured in words and pictures just what really matters both in the here and now and in the plans for the future 🙂

  4. Such beautiful photos of special family time. You have so much to look forward to this year. x

  5. Gorgeous photos of your day out! I often enjoy the simple days out the most, as does my little one. Spending time as a family is the most important thing. You are absolutely glowing too! Not long until your new little bundle will arrive, how very exciting for you all. xx

  6. These photos are so beautiful Nat, I can't believe how much little Pheonix has grown, he looks like a proper little boy now with a gorgeous smile. I'm learning to just try and make the most of everything, I love doing little things with them and reflecting on how happy it makes us all. There is still so much time for you to do things in the future, I'm glad you can so enjoy moments like this xx

  7. Love all the amazing photos Nat you are great at capturing their true happiness, smiles, and laughter as they play. That's what life is about these moments togetherness. I love it. #sharewithme

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