Hello third trimester

So it’s been a little while since my last pregnancy update at 20 weeks. It was around then that I also shared with you about our horrible scan experience – a first time ever throughout our four pregnancies including some very worrying news that thankfully came out the positive side and finally the not so gender reveal.
I’ve been keeping an ‘at home’ diary of my pregnancy just like I have done with my previous three as I find this very therapeutic to not only do, but to look back on.

Its lovely really as I’ve got notes, diary extracts, maternity notes I’ve copied, ramblings and thoughts from all four in one journal. I’ve found it quite helpful too to look back on things if i’ve felt a little unsure on something or just wanting to read what about waiting to experience in weeks to come etc. I’ve still been taking my bump pictures, trying to do weekly but my growth doesn’t seem to change much, it’s more the shapes it goes than anything. This time around, I thought it would be really cool to do a time lapse film that I will share at the end of my pregnancy, a little time capsule that I can keep and look back on in years to come too.

Symptoms wise; I’ve been feeling quite achy in my lower back – this is something I suffered with in my last pregnancy too due to the weakness in my core. Diastasis Recti is something I live with everyday and I’m taking small steps throughout this pregnancy to try and manage it but of course this is limited when you feel you have no control over your movement in your tummy area. I’ve had some physiotherapy sessions which have shown me more ways in which I can keep it steady, but also being told that I need to watch how I bend, and not lift heavy things – such as a toddler. This is hard for me at the minute as happen to have a little boy who loves to run, especially on the school run where I have two other little girlies to keep watch over. So it’s just about doing what I can, when I can in reality.

I have another appointment next week where we will go through Progress & plan of action:
I suffered extreme SPD one week towards the end of Phoenix’s pregnancy where it left me unable to walk for two-three days so this is something I want to try and prevent. I’m currently doing my pre-natal fitness/yoga dvd’s at home on & off so i’m hoping this will help. They also want to get me into one of their ante-natal clinics to see if an extra class may help. It sounds silly as this is my fourth baby and I do know what needs to be done but being given an extra bit of help and motivation may work well considering I wasn’t given any advice after my three previous pregnancies – again this could of prevented a lot but we’re here and will work from now onwards.

With regards to my baby bump, I am carrying the same again despite having mix gender children so for me, that ‘fact’ is in actual fact a myth! I have carried them right on the front, like a giant football that turns into a gigantic pumpkin plonked on the front of me, when I turn around you can’t tell i’m expecting and when I lay down it nearly disappears. I’d say our first was the most chilled baby in my tummy but even she was active, they’ve got more and more active the more we’ve had and also the midwife said its due to how split my muscles are at how much I will be able to feel. When I was in labour with Phoenix, I remember my tummy literally turning before all of us, he turned himself out of back to back position before I birthed him, and we saw him wriggling! This baby is unreal though, even Mr T is more amazed and a little squeamish at how lumpy and bumpy it feels. When my tummy goes hard and it’s moving about, you can almost feel as if it’s curled up in a ball and you can feel the spine rolled round, and not to mention the wacky shapes it throws. The littles are so excited to watch and feel it, especially the girls, giving baby kisses and cuddle at any opportunity, talking to it and saying “Are you coming out when we’ll have Easter eggs baby?” – so cute.
I can start to feel the stretch now though where I don’t necessarily put on weight anywhere else, it gets itchy, and feels heavy but i’m slathering products on including the trusty bio oil, and the best solution being natural coconut oil. I have got stretch marks from my others but thats something i’m learning to live with, after all my tummy has blessed us with three (almost four) babies.

Another symptoms which I have had from about the 19th week now is the wonderful ‘Braxton hicks’. I actually like these sometimes as I know from experience that its my body’s way of getting prepared (or so I’ve been told by midwives and it turned out to be truth in my case.) The only time I find them awful is when i’m driving, which they send shooting pains up my back, or when trying to get out of bed – not funny at all.

My mindset is okay at the moment, I do have my occasional worries but I think thats only natural. The thing I always find hard in any of my pregnancies is hormone imbalance. I can honestly tell you that I have cried about ten times in 2016 already, over the smallest thing but usually me feeling mum guilt or that i’m not doing enough when in actual fact i’ve been told that i’m doing a bit too much. I find writing things down, taking a moment to process things and to sometimes even just switch off from it all helps. This along with trying to get enough sleep (whats that?) and maintaining a better way of eating. (currently sat eating a Cadbury’s Freddo bar.) Anxiety likes to play a part sometimes, where i’ll be sat with my littles and will just find myself looking at them and wondering if i’m going to live a healthy life where i’ll watch them grow up, grow up in this world that is going completely bonkers at the moment.

Gender-wise, If you’d have read previous posts you’ll know that we have never found out what we’re expecting and are carrying on this little tradition this time too. Theres something so special not knowing what you’re having, and we’re over the moon either way. This little baby was a wonderful surprise to us, and as long as it’s healthy, thats all that matters. We do have a little tradition we do with each one when buying things to prepare is that we get one neutral babygrow and a couple of other little things, this time this includes a pair of knitted booties, and a super cool knitted onesie from the peanuts collection in gap. It probably would suit a boy but i’ll work just fine for a little girl too. Our littles were all wearing neutral in the first few months anyway and we love to mix up their colours as they get older too. We’re not a ‘pink is for girls, blue is for boys only’ kind of family!  I’ve also been really lucky to have been sent some lovely things throughout this pregnancy from some fab companies including lovely goodie bags of products.

I’m not sure if i’ve said before, but when it comes down to what we think the baby is I always have an inkling but more importantly I have kind of a premonition. Now this sounds bizarre to some but I believe in it as all three times I was right. When expecting our first, I just had a feeling my first baby would be a girl. When expecting our second, I had a vision that our little Yve’s would adore a baby sister, then with Phoenix I had a vision that our little girls would dote on a little brother but also make fun of him in the bath for having a ‘winky’. All came true! So this time, I’ve not got a ‘feeling’ yet but I did have a funny thing the other day where we were in conversation and I said “Oh the girls are going to be so jammy having the big bedroom, and the boys will have to share in the smaller one” – so whether this is my premonition moment I don’t know.

At 27 weeks pregnant today I am feeling quite good. I am extremely grateful that our little baby bump is growing healthily, and i’m so pleased that my breathlessness/migraines and all the worries in the first and part of the second trimester have shifted. I’m going to take each day as it comes, slowing down as much as possible, and embracing this chapter in my life. Each time i’ve been expecting, I’ve counted my lucky stars that its been straight forward. And this is no different, forever thankful.

I have a few appointments coming up including physiotherapy, 28 weeks check with bloods (bleurgh) and a complimentary 4D scan at 30 weeks. Probably the last time i’ll see baby before we meet him/or her face to face. I may have a lovely maternity session coming up soon with the photographer who did Phoenix’s newborn photos along with doing some of my own again, and then finally our actual newborn photographs again, exciting!

Here’s my recent bump picture (sadly i’m out of fresh flowers!)
and including my previous weeks so far.

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  1. You are looking absolutely gorgeous Nat, your bump is perfect. I am so nervous about diastisis recti this time and what my tummy is going to look like after the baby is born. Of course it is worth it, but I am worried what my body will look like after three. x

  2. Mary Smith says:

    I love that you have the patience to wait and see who is coming to you family, how exciting! Ive carried all mine in the front too, but got it wrong every time with gender predictions haa
    Sorry you suffer so much with pains and stuff… I guess by number 4 though your body is changed a lot, ive had 3 and have some pains at the top of my bum so hoping with #4 it wont become SPD or anything x Good luck x

  3. Kerry Dyer says:

    Aw gorgeous! I carried the same this time and even though it's another girl, everyone tells me I have a boy bump haha! They did with Sienna too, I don't think you can tell! Hope your last trimester isn't too hard xx

  4. Oh love your bump nat you are too cute. It's going to fast for us readers watching your bump grow. Not long and a little baby will be there. So exciting for you. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me blog hop. I hope to see you again this week for another great round. #sharewithme

  5. You look fab Nat, and I love following the loads of bloggy pregnancies that there are right now 🙂 Hope the home stretch isn't too tiring- I think you're super woman with 3 other littles to look after too! x

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