Why I love capturing, documenting and preserving memories of our life.

I have always had such a huge interest is photography right back to when I used to watch my Dad photographing things, places or my brother & I. Watching how you can capture, freeze and preserve time in an instant was something that fuelled a passion in me.

 I then started to use up so many disposable cameras when learning how to capture moments for myself, only for half of them to come out blurred or just photos of a foot or something. It wasn’t until my first proper digital camera that it really started in practice. I would always be the one who was snapping away, shying away from the camera mostly but wanting to capture people or things around me. Documenting school trips, friendships, my little dog, holidays, you name it, along with attempting to get to grips with my dads film camera which baffled me but I just found it completely fascinating. Then it went on to drunken nights out with friends, again pre-smart phones when I would be the one capturing all the laughs and jokes, silly poses then us all having a giggle at what had been preserved just through taking my little camera out with me everywhere. 

Being someone who was quite the introvert, very shy, especially being in front of the camera from being so insecure about the way I looked, I loved that I could capture so much without getting out of my comfort zone so to speak. That I could still project what I loved through the other side of the lens. Having that passion has always been there, carrying on the memory preservation through everyday life and holidays of course but I would truly say it wasn’t until we found out that we were expecting our first little baby back in 2010 that it sparked something more in me.

I wanted to remember it all, so with the weekly and sometimes daily bump photographs leading to the day she was born, even if it was only on a little digital camera or blackberry phone at the time- I wanted to make sure this precious time in our lives was being preserved for us to cherish forever. When I was in labour with her, like in all three labours of mine I wanted it to be photographed. So I made sure my camera was charged and easily accessible for Mr T or my sister in law as they were my birthing partners and I will be eternally grateful to her for capturing these moments all three times and possibly a fourth time come April this year, unless I get a birth photographer (something I would love to do as well but to have my own photographed from a different and more relaxed perspective would be amazing.)

When she was born, it was like something had been awoken in me even more.

 Its only natural to want to take photos and show off your new baby but for me it sparked something incredible inside my heart. Throughout the new, wonderful and sometimes challenging moments of early motherhood I still carried on making sure I documented those moments that meant so much to me, then as the weeks went on, came the milestones which are so special and even more magical to look back on. The little things mean most to me, the tiny fingers, chubby thighs, cooing at Daddy, nursing to sleep cradled in my arms, our routines, places we would visit and so on. This little passion grew stronger and stronger each day and this remained the same when we welcomed our second and third babies – except this time I had the privilege of capturing not only new babies of ours, but also the special blossoming bonds between siblings, beautiful moments of interaction and our family that was ever growing.

I wasn’t blogging at the time as I had no idea what it was all about, but one day I just wanted to put words to my photography, and to our life in pictures. I have wobbles each time I go to write a post, I worry about who reads my page, who looks at our pictures and it does make me think if i’m doing the right thing. I am changing the dynamics a little bit on here but ultimately I will continue to photograph our growing family, our life inside our ‘bubble’ and will love to look back one day and read all about it.

That takes me to the name of this blog of mine. ‘Little Jam Pot Life’.

 To me this means that we live in our own little jar (bubble) like everybody else, except one of the most important things to me is being able to document and ‘preserve’ – hence the ‘Jam’, sounds cheesy I know but at the time it fitted and it suits to this day. I wanted this place to be my way of encapsulating it all through my words, photography and film.

I have also done some work in maternity, newborn and baby photography which is something I want to get back into more once life has a balance with four littles! you can see a little more here…

Back to the photography…

No matter how much I love doing what I do, I always look back and think ‘ergh, why did I edit the image like that?’ or completely cringing at complete processing of it all. Ultimately though, it’s still the memories captured that count. and I believe that in life, you need to make mistakes, to learn from them, change the way you do things in order to move forward. Now i’m no expert and still have lots I want to learn, but I have progressed from the beginning and for that I am immensely proud. More than anything, I believe that if you’re capturing a moment, any kind – thats something. Honest, raw, celebratory, simplistic, you name it.

If it moves you, and means something to you then you’re on the right path.

This life we’re living is no rehearsal, we get one shot and its there to be embraced and cherished. To be able to freeze time and look back on treasured memories is one of the best inventions ever made.


I’m going to be writing more in a little series called ‘For the love of photography’.

I’m setting myself little goals in which to use my DSLR camera more, improving my skills, finding the inspiration in the everyday, photographing not only our family but for myself more too, the things that interest me alongside being a Mama to almost four.

Do you fancy joining me in photographing more in your lives?
Sharing tips with one another, encouraging each other to fulfil our passions to create a time machine through imagery and film?

I have no strategy for this at the moment, I just really needed to write it down and to be honest its been quite therapeutic. I will continue to blog for what I love doing, photographing and documenting. I’ll put a little note/update out there to anyone who is interested too.

Thanks for reading. xo

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