Our Siblings – January 2016

For a fair few months now I’ve been thinking really hard about where I want to take my blog. I’ll have a lot more on this soon and theres plenty of changes to come, one of the things I wanted to carry on was documenting my little trio and doing our ‘siblings’ post once a month.Now this year is going to be an extra special one as in a matter of 12 weeks or so we’re going to have our new addition with us, their new sibling. They’ve all been fascinated with the shapes Mummy’s tummy goes and adore watching baby bump kicking away and they shower my tummy with kisses & cuddles. The girls are super excited about baby arriving that they thought it was coming for Christmas, all the way through Yve’s & Phoenix are team blue and Halle is team pink, so who knows!

Until then, I want to capture the true nature of my little trio’s bond, relationships, squabbles, giggles, and all the things in between. As I’ve said many times before, they’re are a very close knit little unit. Wether their age gaps has something to do with it I don’t know, they just love having each other in their lives (this doesn’t stop the little bickering over toys of course but you get what I mean.)
The first term of our biggest girl starting school did make me wonder if they would lose the bond they have a little bit, but in all honesty I don’t know why I thought it. They have something so special, remarkable and unbreakable. I love how Yve’s brings home letters crumpled in her pocket that she’s done for them, or pictures of ‘rainbow grass’ for her little sister making sure that she gets it right away. She usually brings home a right collection of all her creativities and i just love to see the reaction on her face when she sees how happy she’s made them.
We miss her so much when she’s in school all week, Halle has now changed her hours so its something new for them again as now she is having a bit more one-on-one time with Phoenix for a couple of days. To be, this is something so lovely yet completely bonkers as its like i’ve gone back in time to what Yve’s & Hal were like at that age given that those three have the same age gaps give or take a couple of weeks.
Little chap really admires his big sisters, he wants them to get involved, play with him and just have fun. When they’re not there he does enjoy a bit of peace with me but will always ask where they are and gets all excited when we pick them up shouting “Halle-Moo Moo” as we approach the nursery, and when collecting Yve’s he instantly asks for her drink bottle every single day. As if he’s saying “I’ve got it now, you’re not going back there!”
Over the Christmas break they played so nicely together too which was nice, they loved not having any time limits on their games, and just embraced it.

Secret love notes & pictures from biggest sister.
– Giggles, cuddles, kisses.

– Little squabbles here & there – but with gentle guidance, they always make it better.
– Over all, enjoying having each other in life. 
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  1. I think that's one of the biggest impacts that school had had on our trio too, that it makes their time together really prescious. If doesn't seem to have changed their relationship but perhaps it's made them value it a little more.

  2. Oh what a little trio of cuties! So lovely that they have such a special bond. There really is nothing like sibling love! Xx

  3. Oh what a little trio of cuties! So lovely that they have such a special bond. There really is nothing like sibling love! Xx

  4. Janine Dolan says:

    Yay playground time. I haven't been the playground with Matthew in well over 6 months. Really need to get into it again now that he is older. #siblings

  5. What a gorgeous set of little people you have Nat. You must be so proud of them. These photos are adorable. x

  6. Thank you Katie, I feel very blessed x

  7. Donna says:

    Your little dude is looking so big now! It makes them look so close. I cannot wait to see them with another siblings in the mix x

  8. They are so, so gorgeous Nat, and I can't wait to see you with another one in a few months! Love that last picture of all of them 🙂 x

  9. You do take such gorgeous photos Natalie – what a cute trio, they look like they are having a LOT of fun! It's lovely when they play freely without the usual routine getting in the way.

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