Phoenix, you are two.

It sounds silly to say but wow, how fast have the past two years gone. Our baby boy will turn two at exactly 10:30pm tonight and I still remember so clearly, so happily about the night he was born in such a lovely and peaceful (albeit super fast) birth. I remember him being handed straight to my chest, to then be told we had a son. I was stunned and just giggled, in sheer amazement, I couldn’t believe I was now going to say that I was the mama to not only two amazing little girls, but also a son. A little boy which I want to build a strong mama-son bond with throughout this journey of parenthood, a little brother for our girls, the fact our little boy is very lucky to have those two big sisters to look up to and to grown alongside. 
Two years old today.
The moment I held him I knew there was going to be the same amount of love yet a different bond to share, a little baby boy who has grown into the most loving, happy, friendly and adventurous little chap, and as I look into what the future may hold, I can see him growing into a wonderful young man with the guidance from myself, his big sisters, and his wonderful Daddy- who is such a gentleman. After having two little girls to build a strong bond with, I wondered what it would be like sharing a bond with a little boy, a son. And it’s been such a wonderful feeling these past two years. He really is such a treasure to us and we couldn’t imagine life without him, ever. He is yet to have another journey in the next few months when he will transform into a big brother as well, now it’s a shock for me that he’s turned two today let alone the fact he will be a big brother and will not hold the title of the youngest in our family anymore, crazy times but beautiful all the same. 
I believe that he will take on his new role with pride, watch how caring, loving he is, and his wonderful nature around people, I have no doubt that he will thrive.
His current obsession is anything to do with work tools, Bob the builder, tractors and diggers, and brioche. He loves to call after his big sisters and absolutely idolises his Daddy. He’s at the age now where he loves to see familiar faces, family members and friends, it’s lovely to watch. When around strangers in the supermarket, when he’s not asking to be able to grab the stuff off the shelves (brioche) you’ll usually find him flashing friendly smiles to anyone in sight, a little charmer. 
As your birthday falls on the girls school day, we are having the day tomorrow to do something fun, a day for you. As for today, it is most certainly about you, but I think as you’re still unaware of what day it really is, for us as your parents its a day where we can really reflect on the past two years, soak up the simple day we will spend together just us (with Daddy as he booked it off work) and cherish spending it with you. Remembering the night you were born, and all the little memories we have made with you since you became our little boy. 
Happy 2nd Birthday to our little bundle of happiness.
We love you ever so much.
Mummy & Daddy.

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  1. Julia Bryson says:

    I just love that photo of Phoenix on the swing, isn't the light great? I felt the same when Florence turned two, it really is a big one isn't it as it's kind of the end of their babyhood. Hope you had a lovely day! xx Julia @ Rainbeaubelle xx

  2. Another Bun says:

    Aww Happy belated birthday to your beautiful boy x

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