Our family portrait in January 2016

January has been a nice month for us. Usually I kind of dread the thought as its always so dark and dreary, don’t get me wrong it has made the mornings twice as hard to get motivated but the little ones have adjusted back to some normality quite easily (for the most part). A change of nursery hours for Halle has enabled me to have a better structure with them, able to do less with more focus some days & not feel like I’m constantly driving around in a mind numbing frame of mind (goodbye 6 car journeys a day, 5 days a week.)
 I’ve been welcoming the frosty, cold and bright days (not so much when it puts us behind on the school run with de icing the car!) I just love the way it brightens up the house, especially those lovely cold afternoons with the stunning golden sunsets peeping through the windows, reflecting off the colours of my flowers sitting proudly in my windows or on the fireplace. We’ve been doing a lot more to the house as well seeing as the festive period has passed us by including putting all new doors on upstairs, flooring in the bathroom, painted, carpeted and almost finished Phoenix’s room except from the curtains (he’s still happily sharing with the girls at the moment so it’s just another place for them to relax at the minute.) I’m going to be sharing more  about our home re-vamp as the process evolves and I’ve finished some drafts, it’s been taking a lot of late nights to get stuff done particularly for Mr T working past the kids bed time but it’s just fitting time in when we can. All I can say is that the little ones have been so well behaved around it all and even getting involved in the fun too!
January is also the month where our little boy celebrates his birthday. On Friday he turned two and I still can’t believe we’re here already. We had a lovely simple day just Mama, Daddy and him (as the girls were at school and Daddy booked it off work) but we celebrated more so yesterday when we decided to take them all to the zoo, the first time ever for Phoenix and the second time for the girls as the last time was for Yves 2nd birthday and when Halle was only about four months old! It was like taking a memory walk and it was extra special as it was our first and last trip as a family of five as our sixth member of the family is due in just under ten weeks now.
I love these photos from our trip to the zoo yesterday, it was getting to the end of the day, the sun was setting and it was very chilly at this point but we still managed to capture our family in an honest way showing that were a little worn out from a whole day at the zoo but feeling so happy that it had been the perfect day. Mr T and I were saying over and over what a lovely day it had been and how proud we feel that this is our little family.
Our family in January.


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  1. OH I love these hunny and looks and sounds like you had a great time at the zoo. I failed miserably this month with our family photo. we tried three different days the weather has been dark, shocking, hail, rain and windy so bad the tripod just blows over. Frustrating but sometimes that's life and I love this project that makes us capture all the types of moments. What a beautiful location for yours. #meandmine

  2. Oh these are lovely Natalie. And so lovely that they were taken on a lovely family day at the zoo. And my first thought when I looked at these, with the empty spot in the double buggy, was that this year you'll get another person to put in that space… how exciting! x

  3. Phoenix looks so cute in his little teddy ears and I love the sunshiny shots, they are my favourite type of photos. Like Lucy I immediately thought that there will be another little person in this space soon- not long to go now! xx

  4. Alex Gladwin says:

    These are just lovely photos! We love going to the zoo too, it's one of our favourite things to do. Love the light, with the sun just starting to go down in your pictures. x

  5. Harriet Lee says:

    I love these photos Natalie. Sounds like you had a lovely day at the zoo. I can't believe it's only 10 weeks until your newest arrival is due! I can't wait to see your family grow this year xo

  6. Donna says:

    You always look like such a close family. The children all look so big this month and it sounds like a really lovely day for you all x

  7. Such gorgeous photos – the light is stunning! You have the most beautiful family! It sounds like you had a great time at the zoo – what a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday! We are headed to the farm next week for Zach's which is really exciting xx

  8. Happy Birthday to your little boy!! These are stunning pictures, the light is perfect and you all look like you'd had a great day at the Zoo. #meandmine

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