Comfort in pregnancy, Featuring Bravado Designs silk seamless nursing bra.

When expecting our first little baby, all exciting about our soon to be parent status and enjoying the stages that pregnancy brought to me I couldn’t help but use some of my early maternity leave by making little lists of  ‘stuff I would need’ while in my last trimester of pregnancy, in my hospital bag and beyond. To be fair I think I did pretty well with not buying too much & packing things that were completely unnecessary although this has still slightly altered since going through three pregnancies since then and already having some useful things and just knowing that you don’t really need that much new when you already have one child.
Something that is paramount for me in pregnancy & when breastfeeding, is comfort. And after using nursing bras for basically five years in a row with my three littles, I can say that i’ve really benefitted from choosing some nice bras for my journey. I have a post coming up about all of my favourite maternity & nursing bras as I couldn’t just choose the one but here I wanted to talk more about a recent bra I have received.
A few weeks a go, I was offered to be sent & give my honest opinion of the ‘Body silk seamless nursing bra’ by Bravado. I always seem a little skeptical taking on some reviews, but this is something that felt was completely relevant and after some of my current nursing bras growing tired I thought it was worth a try. I’ve tried it out while in my last trimester of my fourth pregnancy and so far I am really impressed. 
I have small boobs naturally so finding a bra at this stage in my pregnancy is something reassuring as I really dislike bras that have lots of wiring, too much structure on them and not comfortable at all, this bra however gives the shape without decreasing the high levels of comfort.

A little bit about Bravado Designs.

Bravado! Designs is a company created by two Mamas over 20 years ago and you can see its something thats transformed from an idea, into a growing passion & successful business. The company itself seem to invest a lot of precious time ensuring that their end result product is 100% the best for expectant & new mamas by involving testing by Mamas of all shapes and sizes to make sure there are a whole range of bra sizing needs met. I believe that a lot of hard graph & thought has gone into the design of these products as you can clearly see that they do really meet the needs of an ever-growing/changing pregnant body, and further along when you’re nursing a sweet baby. Comfort is such an important thing when in this stage of parenting and I definitely get this feel from this brand & initial product.

All Bravado nursing bras and tanks meet strict quality and safety standards so we can guarantee they are long-lasting, dependable and baby-safe. They adhere to Oeko-Tex Standard 100, which ensures they are safe and free from harmful substances.

What you’ll love.

Seamless stretchy fabricThe fabric is extremely soft and gentle, I’ve enjoyed wearing it lately and it doesn’t leave you feeling uncomfortable from under-wiring, or restrictive straps. This element is particularly important when feeding a baby and if things aren’t going as smoothly as wanted – comfort wins again.

Easy sizing – These come in four sizes only (S,M,L,XL) but adapt to the bust size range from 32B-46F. Also, If you have any issues regarding the sizing, you can find a handy guide on their website here.

Moulded foam cups – These can be removed if desired as they do look an odd shape when you’ve not got it on, and for someone like me with a small bust it may even look false, but once put on and the adjustments are set, it fits really nicely, And for me at the moment I find them quite comforting and I think they will also fit well (plus continuing the comfort feeling) when wearing breast pads when the feeding begins.

Various colours & styles – Availability in eight lovely colours, & they also do a ‘seamless yoga bra’ which looks wonderful and comes in two available colours.

I won’t spare images of me trying to model the bra itself! but you can see on the website all the colours available, and different photos to show you the important elements included in the design.

Overall thoughts.

I really rate this bra with top marks as the design is wonderful, then teamed with the glorious comfort. This will definitely be in my top pregnancy nursing bras round up, and an essential for expectant / new-Mamas.

The ‘Body silk seamless bra’ retails at £30, which does seem a little steep but when you want to find luxury over a smaller price tag – you’ll see the difference. And to be honest when you search other places the pricing is pretty similar.

You can purchase at directly or through numerous retailers.

*Disclosure: I was very kindly sent this product in the ‘White blush’ colour for the purpose of this review, all words and images are my own unless stated otherwise.

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