Our Siblings – February 2016

As I’m typing this, it’s the beginning of half term (a little late I know but the images have been ready for a couple of weeks!) it’s a time we’ve all been looking forward to for some rest from the school run for me – with three kids and a rock solid baby bump, this has started to cause such pain for my back and hips! And for the littles to not have any time limitations Monday-Friday, & to be honest for them to be able to craft, dress up, be silly, enjoy longer breakfasts and conversations together without having the “let’s keep going, we’ve got to go lovelies!”.
The past few weeks, the girls especially have wanted to do all those things every morning, and Phoenix would love to do anything but get in a car seat most mornings as all he wants to do is play – who doesn’t?
So it’s a nice feeling knowing that we have a whole week to spend with each other. Obviously not everything in life with three very close but slightly different ages is straight-forward and without any bickering but recently its pretty short lived and resolved with kisses, cuddles and apologies. The girls have really enjoyed doing things together again lately, after having a couple of on/off days when they would want everything each other had but now they thrive on doing things together as “team tastic” – air grabs included!
I’m finding this stage to be very lovely but like everything in life there is always going to be challenges, or at least moments which make you question if you can do it a better way, or just remember that three ages very close will sometimes clash as their are age ability differences. For example, the girls love LEGO, where as Phoenix is a little better with DUPLO but he will be insistent on wanting to be involved as he just loves to be part of the team, much to the girls annoyance if they’ve made a lovely LEGO castle. Everyone means well but finding the balance is the best option in this situation I think, so we then do the DUPLO or he will then forget about it and move on to his tools for the girls to then decide they like that too, but as mentioned before, they usually sort out a solution and end up making a nice game together.
Next month will more than likely be the *last* month that they are a trio, bittersweet but they are very much so looking forward to adding another little person to what will be their tribe.
These are from a birthday trip to the zoo celebrating Phoenix’s 2nd birthday. And it’s so bizarre & was like a live time-hop as the last time we came here was for Yve’s 2nd birthday and when Halle was four months old. So to return with three little siblings and our fourth on the way really was a surreal and proud feeling.
Wishing everyone a lovely half-term xx


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  1. Lovely photos, so pleased I stumbled across your blog! Half term feels exactly the same for us too, its so nice getting up and ready without time limits and to be able to do whatever we please. Makes me resent school even more!! Looking forward to seeing your brood grow x

  2. Beautiful photos. I completely agree I love half term, the slower pace and not having to put a toddler in the car is refreshing. The Lego/Duplo debate happens here too!! Have a fantastic week x

  3. MamaMummyMum says:

    Lovely photos, such cuties! I love the school holidays, I like the slower pace and being able to enjoy my 4 girls so much more 🙂 #siblings

  4. So so so gorgeous Nat. I love the one of them all standing on logs, it is adorable! xx

  5. Natalie Ray says:

    Wow, how lovely. Your photos are beautiful. My girls are also very close together in age. We are currently finding that the majority of time they love to play together, although of course we also have the arguments. I think in the long term, having children so close together in age will be beautiful.x

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