For the love of photography: My camera kit.

I wrote recently about my love of documenting through the wonder that is photography & film.

When photographing & film making my aim is to make the most out of my camera kit to its full potential. I do have my little wish list which I would love to purchase over time, but in the mean time and for the best part of the last five years, (along with a lot of self-teaching in manual mode), My photography gear has enabled me to document the most amazing elements of my life whether this be big milestones, holidays, craft projects, or simple everyday moments including my little ones voices, & their beautiful ever changing faces & personalities. So if my simple camera kit can do that, then I look forward to what anything above could offer in the future.

This of course goes hand in hand with a lot of self-teaching and most of all – practice.


Canon 500D – (1) This camera & I have been friends ever since my Dad bought it be as a surprise and to help me build my confidence in something I love. I still have the recipet somewhere and I still remember how gobsmacked I was that he got it me. It came with a kit lens, along with some other bits and another lens – that particular one I have only used about 5 times as I tend to stick to my normal favourites. 

GoPro Hero 3+ – (2) This was something I purchased because I wanted to be able to film more when doing watersports or just having a smaller, wider angled camera when outdoors with my family, which enabled me to get in on the film too especially when getting clips from holidays, on the beach, walking etc. This year though we are going to get using it more on little projects including our individual ones too. So for example, when we go out on our bikes, the bike trailer, more swimming, and also setting it up so we can capture more of our everyday without the obvious filming where the camera is pointed right in your face.

Canon Powershot A3300 lS – This is such an old camera now, but regardless of that, it’s been a pretty reliable point & shoot for me including capturing the moments of the births of my three children. I still use this camera when shooting film too as its very compact, easy to use and still manages to document wonderfully.

Iphone 5c (& 4s as a back up) – I’m due for an upgrade soon but I was so impressed with these two when I got them when using the camera. I’ve made a vow to myself to use my ‘big camera’ a lot more but Iphone camera’s are wonderful and the sizing makes them a little more convenient


Canon 50mm 1.8 – (3) This ‘nifty fifty’ lens is one of my favourites, and is a great price at that. you can now get this wonderful lens for just under £100 in most places and you will come out with lovely results especially when shooting manual mode.

Canon 50mm 1.4 – (4) Again this lens is one of my favourites, it was a little bit more pricier than the 1.8 but gives you such beautiful depth of field in your images.

Canon 35mm f/2 –  (5) This lens is on my camera 95% of the time and has been ever since purchasing it last year. I was loving using my 50mm lenses but wanted something with a bit more of a wider frame availability.

Accessories & Programmes I love to use: 

Tripod – This is something I find very handy when wanting to shoot really steady film, or when taking our family portraits. I’m hoping to purchase a new one soon which has a horizontal column – something that will come in handy when I move further along into some projects.

Canon remote RC-6 –  (6) Always handy if needed for our monthly family portrait! I also used this along with my tripod when taking my self portraits when expecting Phoenix. I’m hoping to do the same this time.

Adobe Creative Cloud subscription: (7) I am using Photoshop for editing, and I also already had a version of Photoshop elements, this I don’t use so much anymore as I feel theres so many more options using Photoshop. In the near future, I would like to use InDesign & Illustrator to further my skills and knowledge when designing my own stuff, for now – I’m happy using what I have for editing my images and doing a small amount of design work too.

Erin Tole Photography Actions: When I do my maternity, newborn & baby photography I love to use some of the actions from this set. They’re really lovely and I sometimes dabble around in my everyday photography if I feel it suits the mood, again using only a minimal amount as I love to keep my photography as natural as possible.

Imovie: The place where I experiment and create my films. You can see some previous one here.

Blurb: This has been a website that I have used a few times when creating my family photo books. I have more about creating photo books soon so keep your eyes peeled!

As mentioned before, I’m looking forward to adding to my collection gradually, purchasing camera equipment can be quite daunting especially when the higher the quality comes with a bigger price tag, but when you think of the benefits you will realise how much of an investment they really are, particularly when documenting through photography & film is one of your biggest passions like mine!

What camera gear do you use, and why? I’d love to read your answers!

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  1. Erin Vincent says:

    This is really helpful, thank you! I'm still figuring out my Canon Rebel T5 and though I know I'm going to want additional lenses…I'm not sure which ones. Plus I didn't even think about the remote for family portraits! Thanks again! #SharewithMe

  2. Oh love your photography kit and always great to hear what others have and using. I am still working out the photography side of it. Love it but sometimes get frustrated. On manual mode but need a few lens and practice with things if I ever find the time. 🙂 I definitely need a remote running for family captures gets annoying. lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  3. Have bookmarked this for when I have time to dabble more! #sharewithme

  4. I always find it so interesting to know about what others use in their photography kits, I also use canon (1000d) but I've become frustrated with it now and wNt to upgrade it- possibly to a nikon. I use just the kit lens which I don't like much, and the same 50mm prime

  5. Oops pressed publish too soon…
    Yes the same 1.8 prime lens as you which I love. Xx

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