The six week countdown

This was originally meant to be a ‘Ten week countdown’ post in all honesty but here goes with my 34 week, or shall I say ‘six week countdown’ post!

January and into February has seen symptoms still leaving me feeling pretty exhausted most days (hello anaemia) but overall in good health aside from the ongoing things such as my developing PGP collaborated with my diastasis recti muscles. Baby is growing well, moving like an absolute maniac, deciding to be ten times as active once I relax and go to bed, typical! Above all I’m trying my best to soak up, embrace & cherish these last few weeks of this journey.

A little catch up from 28 weeks.

After my 28 week check up I was immediately phoned within a day to tell me my iron levels had dropped quite a lot. At first it kind of shocked me as I thought I was feeling okay and that tiredness was just part of a fourth pregnancy running around after three little ones too but this also now makes sense as to why the exhaustion has taken over some days. I was put on iron and multivitamins straight away as having an adequate amount of iron in pregnancy is important as it is put particularly in the third trimester and definitely when approaching the time to birth. In my experience with my three previous pregnancies, my iron level always dips and so does my blood pressure, resulting in feeling very low in energy a lot of the time and this can sometimes be hard to shield when trying to be happy & up beat for three little ones and myself really.
In my first pregnancy, it wasn’t known to me that my levels had dropped in the late stages of pregnancy and this didn’t do me any favours when after a straight forward 3 hour labour with Yves, it turned pear shaped and I suffered a significant blood loss which almost saw me having a blood transfusion. Thankfully this was managed soon enough with lots of hydration through a drip, & observations.

My two labours after that were again straight-forward, 1 hour each labour with no haemorrhage and healed okay. With this being the case, I thought it would be the same this time. However, because of the split muscles, and now low iron levels, this has been the reason I’m not allowed a home birth to which i’m quite sad about (super speedy babies may mean we have no control of this!) but midwives and a consultant have said that if I can’t get my iron up then I will also be unable to deliver in the midwifery unit (which I have done twice before and really loved my time there). Now I know a baby will come out where & when it wants to, but I just really hoped that considering this is basically out last baby, that as a home birth is ruled out, I wanted to go again to the MLU and maybe even try a water birth there (previous baby’s came too fast to allow water!). Theres something that looks so magical and soothing about water birthing, and even scooping your own baby up into your arms but like I said what will be, will be. All I need to be hopeful of is that my levels are adequate, if not brilliant prior to birth-day.

Another little update from 30 weeks.

Another little update was that we had a complimentary 4d scan at 30 weeks, it was lovely to watch our baby wriggle about once more, even though I almost felt like I was going to pass out on the couch where I had been on my back for a little while. When it came to getting a clear photo of baby, it decided to hide behind the placenta and stay burrowed head down (good positioning obviously but what a cheeky little thing to hide at picture time!). We did manage one photo even if a little blurred, it does however reveal that it has very chubby cheeks & a button nose. When watching it move about, showing us little snippets of facial features its so amazing to see little resemblances to his/her siblings, but then whats even more incredible is that you see brand new things just as much, a whole new little person just getting ready to meet us and come into our lives.

Hello 34 weeks.

As mentioned above, the anaemia has been a pain for me recently, despite taking the iron tablets I still feel quite tired. This has now been added with moments of nausea, and dizzy spells some days – not very handy on the school run each morning! One thing I have been drumming into myself is to keep well hydrated to help the absorption and to keep me feeling on better form. Breathlessness has come along too now, maybe because some days baby bump drops a fair bit and teams up with the rock hard but not painful braxton hicks. This pregnancy lark is fascinating isn’t it? what our bodies go through, changes, how we cope. magical and bizarre all the same.

Each evening, the baby decides to go on ‘maniac mode’, or some nights ‘gymnastic mode’ or so it seems. Really lovely to watch and feel but when i’m exhausted just needing my sleep this can leave me feeling a little frustrated, oh and the need to go for a pee all the time – yeah because thats convenient! So other than the niggly little but sometimes ever so annoying symptoms named above (oh and heartburn, thats fun – not.) I am really trying my best to enjoy each moment. Knowing that these next few weeks are going to fly by even if they will feel they are not its a crazy thought to know our family will be welcoming this little love in no time and i’ll be wondering where that time went, the time in which I carried our last ever baby. This I still find a hard thought but its 90% accurate for now due to the toll its taking on my body, and i just need time to heal, and enjoy the littles we have already to my full potential. (more on this soon!)

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