Do you ever feel Mama-guilt?

I have so much to say on this topic, but instead of writing a huge essay i’ll keep it simple – ish.

For me, I have had a few days where I’ve felt a bit of a rubbish person/Mama/pregnant lady all into one, but you know what? Everyone has days where they feel like it’s all a bit much (especially with wild pregnant hormones and feeling pretty weak!), you question your abilities as a parent, you feel like you’re not enough, suffer ‘Mama-guilt’ over little things – I get this a lot!

But when you take just a minute to process whats around you.

Really take it all in.

You realise that you have to make the most of what you have, when you have it. In those moments when everyone is over-tired, wanting for everything & nothing at the same time, lacking motivation, or just feeling a little lost – talking it through, hugging it out and taking a little breather will help you see that each day is a new beginning, each moment even. I often dwell on things and over think but recently I’ve thought realistically. Being the main at home parent of three littles aged 5,3,2 and 34 weeks pregnant will reveal some challenging moments, but you know what, this is all part of our journey, our story & our life. I wouldn’t change it for the world, and it’s made me who I am today (even if that person does look very tired!) Small stresses are just so irrelevant when you look into your littles eyes and see just how much they love you, need you and want you. And when you see how much you’re physically & mentally changing from growing a baby, feeling it moving about so much that it makes you so uncomfortable & sleep deprived and some days questions your coping skills, you see how much that baby needs you too. They’re not this small forever, I’m not going to be pregnant forever, our house isn’t going to be in this upside down mode forever, everything is happening for a reason.

I want my littles to grow up knowing that perfect isn’t real, that all we can do is try our best and understand that going through some tough times can actually reveal a lot you never knew about yourself. Strengths that rise up beneath the surface, new perspectives, thoughts and ways of going about things. That in itself is a great lesson no matter how hard it may seem.

 Embrace & be thankful for what you have.

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  1. I love this. You are right, those tough days can make you lose perspective a little and it is important to take a moment to remind yourself how lucky you are.

  2. Emma Major says:

    I had to laugh; do I ever feel mummy guilt? the question for me would be better to ask if I ever don't. and it can eat us up. I'm learning (only been a mum for over 10 years) that I need to just lower my expectations of myself, after all I never apply the same expectations to anyone else.
    Great to find you through beinspired linky. If you'd like to link up with my #TreasuredMoments you'd be really welcome and I'd love more people to read this post.

  3. Amanda says:

    Beautiful post 🙂 and so true… I was just talking to my husband this evening about how I get so caught up in trying to achieve too many things (a tidy house, a regular blog, keeping my sanity!!) beyond the simple everyday moments of raising a small child. I was musing with him on how different it was when WB was a baby, how I would happily sit all day with him on my lap, doing nothing but the most mundane things. And yet by the time he was two I was caught up in trying to "do" too many things. I think, for me, this is because the part of me that desperately wanted a larger family is trying to "create and nurture" other things rather than simply being in the moment and grateful for all I have in my life to create and nurture. Thanks for the reminder! #BeInspired

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