Our family in February 2016

My oh my, February has been super fast right? Even if we do have one extra day this year it has flown in the blink of the eye! After Phoenix’s 2nd birthday celebrations we then celebrated Mr T’s birthday including a lovely date night for us two at a fantastic restaurant where the food was amazing! We then had a lovely relaxed week for half term which I was so sad to see end as we really do just enjoy being with each other like we always have been. We did lots of crafting, playing, parks, play dates and a trip to a local museum.Another thing thats been a big change for our family this past week is that we’ve had our ‘dreadful, mud bath’ driveway done (HUGE air grab/ fist punch into the sky!). The amount of times our mornings have been slowed down by the state of it, particularly in the big rain falls, it has been awful. Not to mention all shoes being covered in mud, kids falling over in mud – on the school run, yeah thats fun!…me finding it harder to get each kid in the car without getting covered myself from lifting them, even though I shouldn’t be doing that either because of my tummy muscles & back but hey – got to be done when the mornings are mental! Mr T also got his van stuck on there too which is always so helpful! So yes, on the whole, we are so pleased with the outcome and are looking forward to getting some plants out the front to add to the finished product (a before & after post will be coming soon!)

To sum up we’ve had a lovely month as a family in all honesty the only thing on my part that hasn’t been so much fun is just getting very uncomfortable in these last 6 weeks of pregnancy now, especially as I’m anaemic and trying to get my levels up, carrying a huge (said alien/pumpkin type bump) and feeling pretty achy, weak from rubbish sleep, & awful leg cramps in my sleep! This has also led to a round of feeling ‘Mama-guilt’ as I’ve felt like a slow moving, pale looking, moody Mum with not a lot of patience at times.I did want to add, (and feel a little proud about!) that I’ve been given some lovely work & opportunities through my blog recently, including a collaboration with Pampers. Small but gradual steps which I’ve been enjoying much more now i’m feeling a bit more organised with my diary & planner!

Other than that, we’re watching our baby grow within my ever expanding tummy with joy that he or she will soon be here to make our tribe that of six members.

March should be another interesting month as it will not only potentially be our last month as a family of five, but we’ll be doing a lot of ‘baby prep’, continuing to transform our home into something we love, another half term will be on its way (woohoo) and above all, we are going to cherish every last minute of it before another change happens. 
You may be able to tell that we’ve gone a little ‘daffodil mad’ recently but are using this to be fully embracing the arrival of Spring! We usually buy or grow our own daff’s but this little area of green just near our home is a spot that the kids love to explore and when theres an open opportunity, kids will be kids & they will pick a few “for their Mumma & Daddy’s bedroom”.The Me and Mine Project

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  1. We celebrated my Mr T's birthday too this month with a date night! I love your pictures amongst the daffodils, what a fab idea! I really feel for you with anaemia, I am anaemic too and its awful, I hope you are feeling better soon. Pregnancy with 3 littles is hard work anyway! If it helps I found it much easier when our little one arrived, not long now xx

  2. I can totally relate to they way you've been feeling!! Achy, heavy and slow are definitely the words I'd use to sum up my month. Not long to go now though!! Then it'll be sleepless nights and constant feeding.. ha ha!! Can't wait for it though ; )

    Love your beautiful daffodil themed family pictures. They make me realise Spring is on it's way xx

  3. Oh I think after the winter we've had we're all reaching for the spring with open arms! What a gorgeous patch of daffs and some lovely pictures of the five of you – I can't believe this could be the last one before there are six!

  4. Lucy Heath says:

    Completely gorgeous!! You can't beat a daffodil patch! So Spring like and can't wait to see if there will be an early arrival in your photo next month or will it be April?! xxx

  5. Ah I love these photos of you all amongst the flowers- you can't beat daffodils they are up there with my favourites. You all look so happy too! xx

  6. So beautiful in the flowers I love it and looks like everyone is having fun with the photos too. Absolutely adorable. #meandmineproject

  7. Emma Bailey says:

    Oh this is just beautiful!! I love daffodils! x

  8. Such lovely photos – I've loved seeing all the flowers this month as it means spring is on it's way! Not long to go now until you have another little one in your family photos -eek!! xx

  9. Lovely photos Natalie, and not long to go now- eek! Glad you got your drive way sorted- seemingly little things like that make such a big difference x

  10. These photos are so beautiful Nat, daffodils are just so lovely and you all look perfectly happy sat in between them all. I'm glad that your driveway is done now, wow, that must have been hard work as a mud bath. I'm looking forward to seeing you Me & Mine when the newest addition arrives 🙂 xx

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