Siblings in March 2016

I probably say it every month but time really does feel like it’s flying. I can’t believe I’m typing what is my last ‘siblings’ post of my little Trio. I look at them all in such wonder at how we all got here, & what we’re living every single day. I was saying to my family members the other day actually that even though they’ve all been so close since the beginning its such a learning curve to see all of their changes in a way balled into one, yet be so different. The phases flitter in & out of bickering some days, finding it hard to be away from each other, managing not to have games ruined by a smallest sibling etc. I found this when it was just the girls too, they have always been so close, yet I saw some changes once Halle became a lot more interested in absolutely everything Yves was doing and in some moments, it got to her. Even at the tiny ages they were, it would be the bickering, age barriers, toy squabbling, yet they were always able to sort it out and get back to their loveable & unbreakable bond in no time at all, almost as if they were two of the same souls living in two bodies – always coming back to one another.
Now there’s the three of them, & I see history repeating itself. So the girls will be playing a game much suited to their ages and Phoenix will come along like a bull in a china shop, itching to play too and it sets off the whole ‘ah, he got my tea set!, he broke my lego castle’ and all that carry on, but once they resolve the matter between them all they will welcome him in with open arms, and love having him join in almost as if they have done ‘this game’ all before once upon a time.
So this takes me to where we are now and where we have been for a fair few months. Of course they all have their moments but on the hole, they get along so well, and play so brilliantly. As i’m sat here writing this, we’ve spent nearly the whole day in the back garden, they’ve all had their own thing going on, been playing games together nicely and just watching them interacting is heart melting. Teaching each other things, guiding, making one another laugh, the girls having meaningful conversations, planning what to do next. Phoenix then runs over to his little station of happily digging in the mud with diggers, stones and any other ‘treasures’ he can find in the garden to which the girls then come over to see if they can gather any other things into the game.
It’s so lovely to see how different phases occur, and bonds differ. As a three they are completely bonkers and have so much fun, both girls love to make sure their little brother is safe but also like to include them on their high climbing games – which he adores! I sometimes catch Yve’s being mother hen to Phoenix, helping him with shoes, or just chattering away to him and seeing if he’s okay. Halle does this too but her new favourite thing to do is to get Phoenix to have his nap time, she snuggles into him on the sofa, they watch a film or something and she’ll proudly tell me that ‘just by sitting there she made him fall asleep’, I think he loves it too as its been a regular thing in recent weeks where she spends Tuesdays & Wednesday with us at home. The thing we love most is picking up our Yve’s from school each day, gosh my heart aches for her all those six hours, and I just love to see them catch up. They’ll usually craft at the table once home, or the playroom, or more recently the garden. simple pleasures are best for these kiddo’s.

I took a moment to really take it all in, to look at my three little babies and to just sit in awe of them, where they are and how they’ve got here as a trio.

It makes me wonder how they will grow up alongside each other, hoping that the bonds will forever strengthen, blossom into something entirely unbreakable. I look at how Halle is with Phoenix, and she is the absolute same as Yve’s was with her at that age, watching history repeat itself its a miraculous thing considering that time doesn’t seem that long ago at all. In a matter of weeks they’re going to have their newest sibling joining them and I’m not sure my heart is ready for the overload of joyous emotions (I cried so many happy tears when they each met a new sibling, such a big moment in their lives!). I have no doubts that they will take this little baby into their tribe with such love & pride instantly and I couldn’t be anymore proud. It really is an astonishing thing when you think how adaptable, how knowing and how capable these little souls are, and more to the point I am the one learning from them every single day. That being all those things is a form of simple happiness, building bonds with those you love, overcoming issues and seeing the better side of things, opening your eyes & heart to all thats around you – kids are the best teachers!
I am so eager to see who this little baby looks like or if it will just look like it’s own self entirely. Phoenix has so many likenesses to when Yve’s was smaller, yet in characteristics he is similar to Halle and then of course his own person. Halle is Daddy’s twin, yet has personality likenesses to me.
Funny how these things work isn’t it? Do you see the similarities, individualities with your littles?

I feel eternally grateful that I grew these amazing little people, and that I’ve got the opportunity to watch them grow, learn and be there for each other.

So, with this being their last siblings post as a three, here’s a little selection of images from recent weeks.
Basically an outtake by the look of their overly impressed faces, ha. & I know you’re not meant to pick the flowers but golly, trying to stop these three when 36 weeks pregnant was a mission in itself! They did however nourish them very much so at home after us explaining about caring for flowers and they lasted a good while in their playroom!
Little bird clothing really is stunning, I love the retro vibe – especially the shoes, I want some!
I love this photo of my girls.
I wanted to include this one from the day before our February family portraits as I just love the look of concentration and accomplishment on their faces, apparently this is the “Billy Goats Gruff bridge”.

Afternoons in the playroom (which is soon to have a revamp!)
“Mummy, I just know how to get him to nap, look I snuggled him”

The girls recently did their medals test for dancing, They loved going together and little chap had so much fun clapping for them while watching proudly with Mama! (Excuse the awful pipework on the house!)
So here’s to a potential last month of it being my little trio (if baby wants to be over a week late – hopefully not!) They fill our lives with such pride, joy and endless amounts of love.
 I’m one lucky Mama.
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8 Discussion to this post

  1. What a beautiful post, I feel so much of the same emotions and when E met R for the first time I thought my heart would burst. I can only imagine how wonderful that feels with more. My two look very much alike in personality are very different yet compliment each other so well. Absolutely gorgeous photos and I too have a love of Liitle Bird shoes!

  2. How is it time for the last month of them as a trio already!! These are lovely pictures Natalie, so full of the happiness they clearly feel in being together – it's going to be amazingly exciting watching it grow with the addition of baby 4!

  3. I can't believe it is the last month! I still have one more- booo! Unless baby decides to come early which considering my body has never gone into labour I doubt very much! 🙂 Your babies are gorgeous and Phoenix is looking so grown up. I will look forward to seeing next month so much! xx

  4. Nat! These pictures are just the loveliest! So natural and they show sibling relationships in all it's perfection. Just so gorgeous! and yes, next month you'll have another! Wahoo!!!! x

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