As much as I love to travel whether this is to old and familiar places, or discovering the new I am still most definitely a ‘home bird’ at heart.

I love making a place special, sacred. A place to raise our family, a place to feel warmth, safety & comfort. Since learning I was expecting our fourth child last year and now being in the very last couple of weeks, my urge to be home has intensified all the more.

With both girls attending nursery part time & full time school it’s usually little Phoenix & I spending the most time together during the week. I’ve still made sure that we get the right amount of time being outdoors too even if its to pop to the park or a weekly playgroup. Other than that we come home when nothing is planned, the garden is always accessible much to his enjoyment as he loves nothing more than to dig, collect stones with his tractors and just generally explore all thats around him.

As i’ve been counting down these final weeks, I’ve felt myself wanting to be at home a lot more again. I think its a matter of feeling most safe when i’m home, by safe I mean I can have a sit down if I need to and snuggle with my little chap. Our weekdays are pretty hectic what with the school run like most people I’m sure, but during periods of this pregnancy when I’ve felt quite unwell in the early weeks, and now with birth imminent – lifting littles in & out the car, rushing to & from places, never feeling like it’s got any give – all of this while suffering extreme anaemia, pelvic girdle pain & this week a fever, and chesty cold. it’s been a bit full on to say the least. I hate to feel like I’m a complete moaner, as I love pregnancy, it’s a blessing and i’m truly grateful and will remain so forever. I am just one of those people who find it hard to accept i’m feeling tired, accepting a helping hand etc so I do end up burning out. 

We are SO welcoming this Easter break with huge open arms where we can get back to enjoying going at our own pace for a few weeks and also cherish this time before a massive change is about to happen once more.

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  1. Mary Smith says:

    Lovely post and pics. It is nice to be close to home and relax together and I love that we have the school hols now so that we can, as you say, go at our own pace too. Its so nice to have the whole fam together and do lovely things or nothing, but be together x

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