The last weeks of being the baby of the family.

I’m sure i’m not the only one who feels this way when expecting another baby, but wow I am so emotional thinking about it again. And that is the fact that our little baby boy, who is making his entrance into toddlerhood now will no longer be the ‘baby’ of the family in a matter of a week and a half. I remember feeling all these emotions with my girls and its such a bitter sweet emotion to hold inside you.
On one hand I look at his two little years on this earth and am just amazed at how much he has grown, changed, and become such an incredible person in my life. Its one of those things where you really cant imagine how your life was without them in it. I mean I am always reflecting on each chapter of life when I was expecting each of my babies, going over big and small moments and remembering them with a huge bag of emotions, mostly happy but theres always an element of ‘how did we get here so fast?’. 
Life is whizzing by at such a fast rate and I just want to freeze time. I feel this with my beautiful girls too as they are shooting up something incredible at the moment, they were both ‘the baby’ of the family at some point and now it’s this little chaps turn to hand over the baton to our newest addition. I’m without a doubt that he will be such a great big brother, loving, caring, a protector. He brightens up my world so much that he doesnt even know it yet, he touches my tummy and is still a little unsure and will definitely have a little shock once baby is actually here, but this is only natural and to be honest, when they’re this small they just take it in their stride I’ve found. I’m so proud of my little trio and that they have adapted so well to any changes so far, and in the last few years there have been a lot where they’re so close!
The past week, I have had a feeling he may be sensing change without really knowing it, he’s been a lot more snuggly, wanting to know where I am and just loving to interact so much. I am soaking up these next few weeks, as when baby arrives, my little chap will grow so much over night and when meeting his new sibling I know I am going to be so emotional once again. And don’t get me started on when my girls meet him or her. as that just rustles up all those lovely memories we all went through together those short few years ago. (can you tell i’m a bag of emotions? ha.)
I love this photo my Yve’s captured of us two.
So a rambling post from me, hormones are swirling around to I guess of how everything will go, how my littles will really feel when baby comes but I have faith in them. They’re such a strong unit and I couldn’t be more proud. 
And of course, all four of them will forever be our babies!
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  1. Aww such lovely pictures. Good luck with everything, I am sure it will all be wonderful, you have such a gorgeous family x

  2. He does look so grown up in these pics. I remember feeling the same way about Mads and I do now about LL, although I have entirely different things I am wondering, like how she is going to cope being the 'middle' child. I am sure she will be fine but it doesn't stop the worry. Enjoy these last couple of weeks together. x

  3. Such a lovely post, I remember feeling that way when I had my second and they do seem to grow overnight. The moment they met though was amazing and I bet that just multiplies when you have more. Enjoy the last few weeks lovely and I am sure he will be a great big brother just like he is a little one. X

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