Our Family in March 2016

And we’re still a family of five! As much as I’ve had little moments of thinking this baby would arrive early I think I knew deep down that it would go to 40 weeks or more. Today marks baby’s 39th week in my tummy and to say we’re excited is an understatement.
This month seems to have gone very fast (I think I say this every month!) but it really has, in some pregnancies, it can seem like those last weeks can drag, but this time it has flown. To the point where some days I question if I feel prepared or not. I think we’re adapting to the change thats about to happen well though, keeping the little ones in the loop, talking to them, asking how they feel about it and even though they’re very small still, the girls especially have the understanding and do say they’re excited to meet their newest sibling soon. Thats a comfort in itself, as some siblings dread the idea of another one, especially when theres already three of them. These three though, they amaze me every day, they take it all in their stride and love these changes. They adapt so well, and have been so patient with it all considering their ages.
I always have these little thoughts as a parent, as any of us – we’re learning something new everyday and even though this is our fourth baby, We’ve only had a 5 year old once so anything new she does its such a wondrous thing, and then the other two have their own ways on doing things which switch things up again but in a magical way. three unique little people who share such a wonderful bond and make us so proud. The past few months I have seen them flourish like never before really, again on another level, they work as a team, help one another and are very affectionate again. The girls went through a phase of annoying each other sometimes, or just age barriers just ever so slightly clashing for example, but they really are the best of friends, little conversations, the way they make plans, look after their little brother. Don’t get me wrong, they still have moments but all in all – at such small ages, they are capable of anything, and I need to start thinking more like them, anything in life is possible if you allow it to be, open your eyes to the world and you’ll  see more than you expect.
We’ve been talking lots about our next holiday when we book one, it probably won’t be until the summer what with term dates but we will fit in some day trips for sure. Yve’s has been thinking about the car arrangement, making sure theres room for everyone and telling me that she will help the baby if needed, bless her. Halle is always loving on baby bump, they all are really and its like they have a little sense which they aren’t fully aware of but they’ll be in the middle of something then will give me a hug, without saying much, and really stroke and cuddle the bump too, really sweet.
So this month is definitely our last family portrait as a family of five, and next month we will be introducing to our newest member, who we will finally know if its a boy or a girl, and hopefully have a definite name! I’m really excited for our growing family, not looking forward as such as I want to take in each moment, live it, and cherish it.
So thankful for my family.
Phoenix’s face just kills it, so cheeky!
She has the best sense of humour at the moment
I look so tired and un well in this photo and not to mention A GIANT. I was sitting further forward than everyone else and Ty was leaning back – its so hilarious not to share and Phoenix’s face just says it all. I also think Halle is shouting ‘sausages’ at the camera. So our last photo is more of an outtake with my painted baby bump looking like a new planet, brilliant. It was also quite funny as when i set the timer, I would run back, we would be counting down and the bloody tripod must be broken as it was sliding down, making the camera completely out of range – meaning more back and fourth running for me! haha 🙂
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  1. Aaw, how lovely! I'm excited to see your pictures as a family of six. Hope baby doesn't leave you waiting too long xx

  2. Love these pictures, especially the one where you're giant! My husband still teases me about a picture when my little boy was tiny and I had a MASSIVE arm. Hope baby doesn't keep you waiting too long. Looking forward to next month's picture xx

  3. Such lovely photos, and exciting that there will be another member soon. Xx

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