Almost there! Week 39 and a little catch up.

So here we are half way through my 39th week of growing this wonderful baby in my tummy.
The past few weeks have really been tough health wise, it’s been quite relentless with very worrying anaemia leaving me weak and breathless, a fever and chesty cold, and more recently a tooth abscess which I’m on antibiotics for. I’m never unwell usually (touch wood) and even though in my previous pregnancies I have suffered with anaemia, it’s never been this bad for this long plus with the other factors bundled in. I feel like I’ve been such a moany sod at times, but it has been hard, especially when all I want is to be happy and healthy for the kids too. We’ve done well though, enjoying time at home for the most part as its where I feel most at ease at the moment. 
This photo was from 38 weeks and a few days. 
So with the anaemia not progressing quick enough, almost two weeks ago I had my very first iron infusion which went okay, I had a bit of a wobble five minutes before when the midwife told me what it involved (a plastic tube, needle in my hand and that my hand “might splatter a bit”!) which kind of threw me a bit, but with my hand being held by another midwife (wimp I know!) it was done shortly after. I was sat watching baby bump wriggle about like mad while having a cup of tea waiting for it to be over. Once I got home that evening, I felt completely wiped out and just had an early night, very weird experience and I just needed sleep. Walking around the maternity wards just brought it all back to me, being right next to the doors that I entered when in labour the last three times, I felt very sentimental but equally thinking ‘wow, I’m going to be here again soon, and going home with our newest baby reading to join the family’. 
I found out at my midwife appointment yesterday if my iron levels had increased after being a human pin cushion on Thursday having had yet another lot of bloods taken but the poor nurse must’ve been new as she was shaking like a leaf when doing it and left me bruised like a peach! Thankfully my levels have gone higher even if only slightly, but this means i can’t be refused for the midwifery-led unit, yay! So all being well, I will deliver there, maybe even get the chance to use the pool!
Baby’s movements have changed slightly, slower but are extremely strong which sets it into very strong tightenings frequently. With three experiences of this though I’ve learned that this is just the way my body prepares and as much as its uncomfortable when trying to move (hello rock solid bump stuck on my front) it also makes me feel at ease that my body is doing its job. It’s probably why I deliver within an hour or so start to finish. Again this has been a blessing but also a shock to the system when it is such a fast process. 
So with regards to labour, I’m feeling okay about it really (aside from just wanting to feel healthy prior to it). I just keep having days when I think ‘but what if it comes now?’ Kids at home, mr is working an hour away, or if I am out at the shop? It’s a bizarre feeling as it literally could happen anytime, any place. My three babies were all born spontaneously on a Wednesday night, which were all very convenient for us so I’m hoping for the same but we all know labour can be very unpredictable!

 I’m just hoping, keeping a realistic mind, and just thinking that ‘what will be, will be’. 

I cant help but think how my recovery will be this time all being well of course. After Phoenix’s birth, even though it was probably the easiest I did feel it took me longer to recuperate, more so physically. Obviously time is short when you already have children but with the physicality’s I felt like it took me forever for my tummy to feel okay, after-pains third time around are definitely a complete shitter, my diastasis recti will need surgery within a year or so, hoping breastfeeding will go well, and getting back into the school-run in full force will be some of the things that we’ll face, but we’ll have each other!
We did some family bonding in a different kind of scenario recently, by doing a pregnancy bump cast – what a laugh that was! the girls were amazed at how big Mummy’s tummy was, and when looking at the cast, then the amount of room in it – its crazy!
So there we have it, on Thursday I am officially 40 weeks, baby is back to back still at the moment but i’m trying to be relaxed about this as Halle was unknown back to back and only a 57minute labour from start to finish, Phoenix was back to back but turned in labour and was an hour ish so i’m keeping hopeful! We’re itching to meet our little bundle now and as much as this is a bittersweet ending to this chapter or baby growing, I am feeling ever so sentimental and grateful for all that my body has enabled me to do, and the fact we’re so lucky to get to raise our amazing children. 
Here’s a round up of my baby bump photos.
Whats your guess, boy or girl? (The way i’m carrying has no answers as I’ve carried all four the same!)
I’ve been making a little time lapse throughout this pregnancy so it will be lovely to watch back in the future.
I wonder if i’ll go overdue again like the other three…. This baby seems to be trying to crawl its way out this week so who knows! ah, wish me luck πŸ˜‰ 
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  1. I think you're an absolute trooper! i know my third baby took a real toll on my body, so I know how frustrating it is when you just want to be healthy for your kids but you have no energy. Glad to hear that your iron is improving and you can go to the birth centre and use the pool (if you have time! Eek!). I hope to hear your lovely news very soon x

  2. Ahhh so lovely I LOVE LOVE all your bump photos here hunny so adorable so beautiful and great to look back on. I wish I had taken them better with both of my two but I wasn't blogging there and I love that blogging has us documenting these amazing adventures of our lives better like this. They are all so gorgeous as are you so tiny with just a bump attached. lol πŸ™‚ Can't wait for you anytime now. You never know… Thanks for sharing your lovely bump watch on #ShareWithMe

  3. Life-As-Mum says:

    Oh wow! I LOVE every single one of your bump photos. I love how you;ve put a few weeks together and you can see how much the bump has grown. How exciting πŸ™‚ xx

  4. You have such a wonderful bump and congratulations on making it to 40 weeks! I feel like this one should wait until next Wednesday now but I am sure you are hoping he or she comes a bit sooner than that! Good luck and I can't wait to see the realities of 4, this will be us in a few months!

  5. Lovely update and great to know you're now able to use the midwife led unit! I strongly recommend the pool of you're able to! Look at your bump too- you look all set to have baby v soon. Gish you're lucky your labours are so short- both mine have been horribly long and the pain has been relentless (40 hours and 17 hours) as I don't seem to dilate v quickly. Thinking of you over these next few days xx

  6. Mary Smith says:

    These pics are mad Natalie – just seeing how massive it gets and how much your body changes is crazy isn't it?
    I am so excited for you and wish you all the best and that its convenient when baby comes, hope they don't catch you out haha x

  7. Oh Nat! Wishing you all the best with your birth. I really hope everything goes well and you get to see your sweet baby very soon. Anaemia sounds absolutely horrendous. I don't know how you do it with three littles to look after too. You are doing brilliantly! Sending lots of love your way xxx

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