Our simple Easter break at home.

So the Easter half term was kind to us in many ways, we’ve shared lots of lovely time relaxing at home for the most part. Where I am in the late stages of my pregnancy (currently 5 days overdue!) its left me feeling extrememly tired, and just overall achy from the sheer weight of my bump now.

I’ve been looking at some social media feeds and feeling a little disappointed some days as we are normally the type of family who usually do the spontaneous trips to the seaside at last minute, day trips, time at the park running wild, exploring nature reserves and even having a holiday pre-booked. This break though, what with the random timing of the pregnancy, and the fact that Mr T is self employed with no paid leave, its left us with not many options other than to make do with what we have.

In actual fact, I think its been exactly what we all needed, able to spend lots of time together, with no school run, no time limits, all the time in the world to play with their toys without being rushed out the door, interact with one another and create some wonderful games in the garden. We did end up having Daddy home for the long weekend and a couple of additional mornings, but where the baby is so close now we decided it was safer to stay home most of the time. This also enabled the littles to enjoy time with him, and to help out in the garden, doing odd jobs around the house – which they love to do and to have someone with so much more energy than Mummy right now! We did venture out to a messy play party which they all loved, including face paints, party food, bouncy castle and crafts – luckily only a five minute journey from home!

They thoroughly enjoyed this moment, including getting absolutely soaked from head to toe! The giggles were infectious!
Plenty of crafting went on.

Also plenty of pancake scoffing too πŸ˜‰

That weekend we spent a lot of time in the garden, doing bits of DIY, baking, painting the baby bump and even doing our very first (& last) pregnancy belly cast – the girls found this hilarious! I found it amazing to see the size of my tummy once it was done, huge!

The little things that I found lovely was being able to share a family breakfast at the table with Daddy there too, chattering, catching up with the girls and their never ending stories and Phoenix’s new found vocabulary. The girls also helped Daddy wash the car – completely hilarious as they found the whole thing ‘the best thing to do ever’! Yve’s & I started a new tradition of creating our very own Easter tree, and we did the shortest egg hunt ever due to the hail stones that followed us into the garden within minutes!

Our new little tradition.

Muddy face, climbing on bikes too big, and such a fast & agile dude this one.

Part human gymnast, part monkey. This girl loves to climb.

Little Hal is getting braver each time. They love to un-hook the swing, set up a show.

The favourite thing by far was spending time in the garden as you can see from the photos, they love to be outside as I’ve wrote about before. Getting brave on the climbing frame, building dens, playing diggers in the mud & stones, making perfumes out of water & leaves and the scooter races down the hill. My favourite thing to watch is each of them having a go on the ‘Go faster’ toy which sends them speeding down the path with the funniest look on their faces.

Very angelic looking, admiring the daffodils – if only he hadn’t loved on them so much that he pulled the lot of them off and the entire plant roots, cheeky monkey. Exploring in its finest hour πŸ˜‰

Can’t believe my little Hal is four at the end of next month.

We thought we were going to be spending the second week of the half term welcoming our new bundle of joy but things didn’t exactly go to that plan! And really, as much as we would have loved to have gone on some trips, we have time for that once baby arrives. For the past two weeks though, especially the second, we’ve soaked up as much time together as possible, cherishing extra long morning snuggles in bed, getting the chance to really just be. Of course there have been moments of madness where theres been a scrap over who’s going on what scooter, or who had the lego first but that is parenthood, this is all part of our memories of our lovely two week break at home.

 Yve’s said to me yesterday “Mummy, it’s only four more days until the weekend when we can spend time together again!” – we are going to miss her so much as she goes full time, Hal is back in on Thursday so it’ll be just little chap & I…. unless baby wants to make his/ or her appearance!

Not to wish life away but only another six weeks until the next half term of fun ay? and by that time they’ll be four little ones for definite!! πŸ˜‰

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  1. Ah it looks like you had a lovely easter together- your girls just look so much like mine, so sweet together. xx

  2. Mary Smith says:

    These pictures are absolutely gorgeous Natalie πŸ™‚ so lovely! I think sometimes that less is more and families just need some time at home with no massive agenda x

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