24 hours

Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes, adorable long lashes and one button nose. Watching in amazement at how we’ve been blessed with another little daughter is something I am incredibly proud and thankful for. As I sit here, she is just sprawled out fast asleep, so content in her surroundings. After a wonderful and first time water birth she is just absolutely chilled. The others were too but I think there was definitely something special about being born in the water. (more on this soon!) Sat in hospital feeling very sore, experiencing the worst afterpains by far, surviving on sheer adrenaline and about 2 hours sleep in 48 hours, trying to be sensible and catch ‘cat naps’ while she is in a milky snoozed state but keep waking up with my jaw and teeth grinding, cold sweats and hoping that the pain of breastfeeding once again gets better. 
Emotional and overwhelmed.

Its a funny thing when you’ve given birth, you’re high on adrenaline and your feet kind of feel like they don’t touch the floor for a while don’t they? I’ve felt this each time, but this time its even more poignant as it potentially is the last time I will be experiencing all of this. I’m still finding it hard to come to terms that this is our last baby but all round its the best thing, and we are more than thankful for our four amazing babies we have in our lives. I guess its just because even though with anything in life there are hardships, but parenting has taught us so much about ourselves in the past 5 and a half years that we’ve had four babies. I still can’t believe that we’re here, our little tribe. 

I will be posting my birth story along with lots of other posts I have drafted or planned. Time is busy at the moment and i’m trying my very best to soak it all in and remember that time is of the essence when coming ‘back down to earth’ to the reality of all this, this crazy and wonderful whirlwind of a newborn. 

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  1. You look so amazing Nat…I honestly don't think you look exhausted at all. Just so natural and beautiful. I forgot about after pains too this time and they were awful! With number four yours must have been worse. My mum said that she always asked for the strongest painkillers possible because by number 11 it was unbearable!!! But she's mad anyway for having 11! Congratulations again xx

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