Our siblings in April 2016

So this month i’m a little late on posting. This was because I completely refused to write until our fourth bundle had arrived after saying our March siblings post would be the last of the three of them! As it turns out, Our littlest lady fancied arriving on the day that I usually post my siblings post! So it seems only fitting that I give a little update on our little tribe, the four of them and how the three of them have been since she’s joined us.
It’s been such a overwhelming week, but with lots of love filled moments in between. The girls are completely smitten with baby and so is Phoenix. we were in shock when we knew she was a girl as Halle was the only one who thought so! Phoenix is amazed at her, says “Mummy, I hold it please?’ Or when watching me nurse her he will say “Mummy, baby boobie milk… bite it?’. very observant and interested in her being. At other times he just potters around like nothing has changed really! The girls love to hug her, talk to her, stroke her sweet face and ask her why she can’t talk yet. They were all fascinated by her cord stump and giggle so much when she lets rip or does what sounds like a gigantic poop when she’s on their lap!
So with anything when you have four little ones aged five & under, it can be hectic. Moments that feel like we’ve not had time to sit and enjoy, or process this change have been visible, but taking each day at a time we’re coming to know that it’s all change in a good way despite having tough moments where age barriers, development and just all of our emotions come into play.
I’m trying to not get choked up that this may be our last baby (more than likely).
The last time we will welcome home a new person.
What I will never forget is how welcoming our littles have been each time, affectionate, eyes full of wonder and endless amounts of love.
I’m going to embrace each moment for the next few weeks of this newborn stage in all its glory, the good, the hard, and the in between. as I know when these little moments have gone, they wont be back but we’ll only be moving on to the next chapter of their sibling relationships. and that is something I am extrememly lucky to have witness and will continue to watch as they grow.

And I just wanted to add this one of my two biggest girls in their den. They really are such a strong unit 🙂

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  1. Aw what lovely pictures Nat, and your 3 older ones sound like they've adapted really well to having a new baby in their tribe. Gosh 4 children 5 and under! You're amazing! I struggle with two! Can't wait to watch how your 4 grow and bond xx

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