Making Mama life that little bit easier with toTs by Smart trike.

When it comes to being a Mama, I feel that one of the important factors to help things go smoothly is to have a little element of organisation. Now i’m not talking in huge doses as i’m not the best at being organised some times though I do try. With four little ones aged 5,3,2 and a newborn I feel this is a key element even in the form of a change bag. So when I was kindly sent this change bag from toTs by Smarttrike I was really happy to see what it could offer.
Wearing a back pack just takes me back to school days really, but wearing this felt really comfortable especially considering I only gave birth two weeks ago and am continuously suffering with a bad back from my weak core muscles. The sheer size and shape of the bag makes for a nice balance when wearing out & about to the park or trip to the shops. It also frees up your hands if you have more than one little one with you. 
To happily go alongside the stylish exterior, this wonderful design also comes complete with straps to attach to pushchair, change mat and case, a toggle to keep your keys within reach, insulated attachments for food or milk, waterproof and lightweight fabric and very clever compartments to sort everything into to ensure that little bit of help for a busy parent to small children.
I’m really impressed with this change bag, as the space availability is generous enough for general baby bits and ‘Mum crap’ as my other half puts it. The clever compartments make life a hell of a lot easier, even for someone like me who can lack organisation skills!
Just one more snap of this lovely bag as it just oozes effortless style! The one thing I would change is the obvious logo right on the front, a bag with a simple yet clever design shouldn’t need such a massive sign to over ride the elements. Just a slight tweak, but in all honesty this would be the case from any brand as its something I usually steer clear from, even from more well known high street brands. Simplicity wins!
You can pick this lovely design up in any of the four colours, and retails for £64.99.
*I was very kindly sent this wonderful change bag from toTs By Smarttrike, however all words and opinions are my own.
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3 Discussion to this post

  1. Mary Smith says:

    How cool. Hope you are feeling well, this certainly looks to be lending a hand haha x

  2. Donna says:

    That bag is gorgeous, I love how it's a backpack – especially with older children it's great to have hands free! x

  3. I have found a new love for rucksacks since having kids. This was is cool and relaxed. I wish the embroidery was less obvious though, but I do love really plain things. The shape is unusual which I love!!! xx

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