Our family in April 2016


The month of April 2016 is an extra special one for us, its been a month of waiting, excitement, frustration and just a bundle of trying to cherish all the little moments in between. We’ve had some wonderful family time over the half term and then a bit of rest time before our little baby made her appearance!
Looking at this months photos means the world to me, not only is this my little family, but its the beginning and end of this chapter. The beginning of meeting someone knew even though it feels like she’s always been around, and the end of the ‘bring a newborn home’ stage as she is 99% our last baby (see how I am still 1% in denial 😉 ) we would love more little ones but we are happy and content, feel extrememly lucky for these four people we have. Our family of six, our wonderful tribe.
This year marks that Mr T & I have been together for TEN whole years. In that time we have shared such a journey together, and in the last five and a half years we have brought four amazing little people to share life with. We were talking the other day in complete amazement at how we’ve got here already. Life can be a funny thing in such a bittersweet way, I want to freeze frame all of it, slow it down and cherish everything.
An outtake for good measure 😉
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  1. Gorgeous photos Natalie. Such a beautiful family. I love how the children all look so alike and so different at the same time, and so like a mixture of the two of you. Congratulations on being a six, it looks like it really suits you all. x

  2. Amber Wilde says:

    TINY BABY. You're killing me, Natalie… I can't wait to get to mine!

    These are gorgeous, gorgeous pictures.

  3. Amy Wharton says:

    Gorgeous photos, I love that last one! Haha. And congratulations on becoming a six, my photos this month are hopefully the last ones as a family of three but I'm not holding my breath! x #meandmine

  4. Janine Dolan says:

    Aw a new addition.Too Cute!!! Gorgeous photos.

  5. Beautiful photos Natalie! Such a beautiful family you have. You have four beautiful children. x

  6. Aaah huge congratulations on your new addition! So lovely — and fab photos too xx

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