Colourful & comfortable clothing for a Spring baby.

When it comes to dressing a newborn baby, I love nothing more than to keep things simple.
Our four littles were born in October, May, January and now April. So basically one from each season. Something that will not alter is the way I love to dress them simply in those first few weeks & months. 
Sticking to complete comfort while adding little elements of colour or keeping things neutral is something I love to do. With all four of our children, we haven’t known the gender until we met them, so having a gender neutral collection of clothing has always been our ‘go-to’, that was until people then offered us lovely gifts with lots more colours and designs when baby was born. 
The design of clothing is a much more important factor to me when putting it on either child, toddler, but especially newborn. I am quite old-fashioned in that I love to keep them in babygros for as long as possible, those simple and fresh baby vests with short or long sleeves, maybe teamed with some baby leggings. Anything more than that or over the top just makes me feel like the newness of being a tiny baby is being rushed. Not only this, but baby’s comfort is the main focus here so having soft, breathable and non restrictive clothing is at the top of the list. 
Recently I was contacted by Mamas & Papas to see if we would like to team up on some Baby clothing from their Spring collection. This contact came to me before giving birth to our little girl so I was wondering what I could order that would suit the season, our baby’s size and the campaign itself. I found myself happily searching through the beautiful collections, this including the amazing collaboration with Liberty. I was itching to order something from this specific line but I had not a clue if we were having a little boy or girl and I was left undecided. The outfits are stunning, but as mentioned before, I wanted to keep things simple in those first few weeks and months so I opted to choosing some lovely sleep suits from the M&P range that come in a set of three, I chose the geo print as I love the spring tones to them and the little cloud decal on them, the fabric is really soft and the sizing suits our little girl very well as she’s just popping out of her newborn size already (at three weeks old!), the 0-3 month size fits like a dream and washing very well.

I was also lucky enough to choose a couple more products, except this time I opted for two items in slightly bigger sizes so that she can wear the full potential of them in a few months. I chose this adorable floral print blouse and short set, and this red & white striped woven romper with cute pockets on the front – sticking with the spacious and simple elements while not losing the stylish design.

* I was kindly gifted these products for the purpose of an honest review. All photography, honest opinions and words are my own.

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  1. Oh Nat, your littlest one is so cute. I'm like you, I keep them in babygros and sleepsuits as long as possible, there is something so adorable about them being all cosy in soft clothes. I love that geo-print one, I had no idea they had teamed up with Liberty. One of my closest friends is due in a few months and I've been looking for something different to get for the baby, I'm going to check out that range xx

  2. Those geo baby grows are beautiful (as is your lovely baby)! I love a little baby in a babygrow. We've just packed all Ernie's away because he's growing so quickly and now he's sitting up he looks a bit big for them so we're going with t shirts and joggers now. Like you say, comfort is key!

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