Our siblings in May 2016

The past month or so has seen our trio turning into a tribe. With the arrival of our littlest girl we never doubted how much our littles three would love her so. They all want to talk to, play with, cuddle her lots of the time, expressing how wonderful and ‘cute’ they think she is. We did have little thoughts if Phoenix would find it a bit different as he’s that little bit older than the girls were when a new baby came along, (they were 18 & 19months, where as he was 2 years 2 months when baby came). He’s been wonderful in fact, he has recently had a few more emotional outbursts but I don’t think this is related to baby, as she is such a chilled little thing, I think it’s more that Daddy has been back to work after having him home for three weeks, the boy is slightly obsessed! It can make things difficult when he’s being a bit difficult and inconsolable when trying to keep a happy home for all of them, but we try our best as we work out it eventually. The girls have still been getting on great for the best part, creating games with babies and shops, and combining their climbing skills  on the swing set in the garden. There’s something so heart melting and infectious when listening to their filthy laughs from being silly or cracking jokes together. Usually when involving talking about bums and poo! They’ve all welcomed their new baby sister so beautifully and we couldn’t be more proud 🙂may-1-2016 _mg_4875_mg_5031
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