Our breastfeeding journey – A little update.

So on Friday, it was four weeks since our littlest lady was born, and my haven’t those weeks flown past in an instant? I thought I would keep a little journal of how our breastfeeding journey is going, just like I have done with my previous babies, the ups & downs, and also offering any advice to anyone who may have the same issues. I recently wrote about some difficulties in a post called ‘The early days – breastfeeding for a fourth time’, in this post it detailed just how much pain I have been in and how desperately I wanted to over come it like i’ve done before.
So its been another week or so since I wrote that, and I feel like even though we’re not 100% there, we are gradually getting there day by day. Some feeds are more awkward than others where i’ve been using Medela nipple shields to try and help fix my nipple that was cut open from a few poor latches, baby doesn’t seem keep to latch onto it as it’s obviously a lot different to my actual boob but we’ve been persevering.

The things i’ve found that help along with the nipple shields are things like:

Making sure that the breast isn’t so engorged, as this makes getting a good latch harder.
 so when feeding on one side I’ve had to either express or hand express some milk off the other side ensuring that I don’t end up with too much milk which could block the milk ducts.
I’ve also reduced the feeds on my worst side, up until then I was alternating side with each feed.
Something i’ve always done but something had to give, and it was out of my comfort zone to change what I knew, but i needed to give my sore side a break, then ease back in with one feed from it, then two etc which is the stage i’m at now.
Making sure that I am relaxed enough to be able to focus on getting the best latch possible. 
So for me, this has meant spending a lot of time at home where I can really concentrate on this, without worrying that i’m flapping around in stress if it’s not going to plan. Not only this, I wan’t to be able to feel completely comfortable when feeding anywhere, especially in public. I have been feeding in public, but only on my ‘better boob’ as this has been the best option for us for now. for me, its a matter of making sure i’m healing as best I can before attempting to just be able to pop her on the bad side without any shields or sheer focus. Actually being able to look away from my boob to get some water or something is as an achievement as she would clench down if pooping or needed to come off for a burp, and I would be left stinging and fighting back tears.

As of the past couple of days, we’ve been feeling less & less pain with each feed which comes with much gratitude, I’m still only feeding off my sore side once or twice in comparison to lots on the other side just to be on the safe side taking it step by step, our littlest lady sure is a piggy when it comes to her feeding and is gaining tremendously just like her older siblings did.

A photo captured by my little Halle.

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