Spring reading & Growing sunflowers

Something we love as a family is to be outdoors. Children thrive on it don’t they? And to be honest so do adults, so when combining that and doing simple things together can be such a pleasure. When living at our old house, we had a great time growing things one year with that being fresh strawberries to pick each day,  an apple tree, herbs and two huge sunflowers. 
Kids love to see progression for something they have done themselves, so physically watching something grow from the moment you’ve planted the seed to each little step of the leaves popping out and then the height ever growing is something they love to see. We’ve put our sunflowers into the garden now for the next step, we’re just hoping that snails don’t get hold of them! We’ve planted four, one for each child and we’re going to see how they get on, care for them and read more about growing our own. 
Our kids have always been ones who love to be outside. They love adventure, exploring and creating, they love collecting bugs to try learn about and are always on the look out for different butterflies and are hoping to see a dragonfly one day. Something they have found fascinating before was watching the evolution of frog spawn in Grampy’s pond, they watched them grown into tiny frogs which they held and saw hop around the garden and admired some ‘Mama frogs’ too. This is an extra special thing for me to watch as it brings back my childhood memories, i used to do the exact same in my old back garden and loved it!
The best thing is that fresh air is something that relieves us, opens our minds and unleashes opportunities for learning, it’s free, fun and available anytime. I know from experience that it helps me to also clear my head, even if for five minutes. Kids thrive on this too, anytime they seem to be out of sorts, or in need of a change of scenery – the outdoors is always almost the best remedy. Do you feel this with your kiddo’s?
The early stages of this years sunflowers.
 We have some lovely books all about nature and growing in gardens so it’s nice to go through them this time of year especially & I thought it’d share them with you. All of these except one were actually found in charity shops, fates, or given to us from the nursery. I absolutely love them as do the little ones. YM’s favourite is the garden wildlife book that her Grampy got for 20p at a fate, Usbourne books are fab!
Spring and nature book seletion
Back in 2013, our tiny Yve’s with one of our sunflowers.
Amazing plants aren’t they?
And here’s our apple tree (that got two apples! ha)

Do you love to grow you own and with your littles? Do you have any garden projects on the go?
 I’d love to know!

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  1. Mary Smith says:

    Love being outside too, deffs makes a big difference! We planted cress on cotton wool this week, old school but most exciting for the kids to quickly see some growth x

  2. Loved reading this Nat! and how sweet is Yves in that picture? Her sunflower is amazing!!! You are so right. Kids thrive outside and I feel it melts any tensions. Books are always so helpful for tying everything together. I wonder whose sunflower will grow the highest? xx

  3. Aw this is so lovely Nat. makes me feel inspired to get out in the garden and get planting some seeds with F. How cute is Yves in that photo too? Growing sunflowers is one of those very special things you do as children and never forget xx

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