Our family in May 2016

What a busy and fast month May has been?
 It’s been a whirlwind of battling and overcoming breastfeeding problems, lots of back and fourth doing school runs and getting used to the new dynamics of four littles to get into the car each morning – it’s busy as hell but easier than I expected this soon to be honest. Some mornings don’t always go to plan, and we’re usually racing through the school door at register time but we try our best and thats all that counts right now! The harder mornings do test us, especially when the toddler needs the toilet upstairs when I’m all ready to go out the door, strips his clothes off, or when the baby needs changing or feeding again, or the two bigger girls decide it’s absolutely compulsory to take socks and shoes off to try on Mamas pretty heels on – all at one time by the way! It drives me bonkers some mornings particularly with little sleep but looking back I’ve got to laugh as these small, ordinary moments are the ones I’m going to miss the most when they’re bigger and not needing so much guidance …and actually stealing all of my shoes!
Mummy has been:
Loving the newborn snuggles, smell and feeding.
Although feeds can be tiring as É is a snack feeder!
Wondering how to have my hair done next as its been over a year since its been cut/coloured.
Planning lots for my blog/photography.
Getting anxious for my first time at Britmums.
Daddy has been:
Back to work after nearly three weeks off with us when baby was born.
Doing the garden up.
Making plans to start his own business in the future.
Yves has been:
Showing us her cartwheels and handstands.
Doing lots of adding & subtracting.
Practising her cursive writing skills while making up stories, and writing people’s names.
Holding her baby sister and helping Mama out.
Received her second set of medals for her dance exams.
Halle has been:
Loving fancy dress.
Practising her dance moves- she’s got the most amazing moves.
Singing “am I your favourite cousin” to baby É which she said “she loves”.
Coming out with the funniest conversations ever.
Holding baby É.
Received her first set of medals for her dance exams.
Phoenix has been:
Obsessed with ninja turtles and shouts “turtles in the house, shout turtle power”, his stance is so adorable.
His speech is unbelievable for a two year old, everyone comments how well he speaks.
He’s loving giving É kisses and says it in the sweetest way, even if the kisses are too much sometimes!
Idolising his Daddy.
Completely out of nappies for about 8 weeks.
Baby è has been:
Loving Mama milk.
Settling into our family like she’s always been here.
Smiling and cooing lots from about 3 and a half weeks.
Started the explosion poohs!
Piling on the weight, 11lb 2 at 5 weeks and getting chubby 🙂
May was also the month we These photos are a mixture of ones taken from my 27th birthday meal (well the day before my birthday) When Mr T surprised me with inviting my Dad, Brother & Sister to join us at this lovely pub in Bessels Leigh where we’ve been before and the food is delicious! The best part was that it has this tractor in the garden so the kids were made up!
 That thumb!
 Mama & her girls.
Our tribe of six.

Dad, me, Yves, E, Mr T, my brother, Phoenix, my sister & Halle.

And on the 30th of May our little Halle turned four. This year we decided to give her the choice of what she wanted to do, either a party, day out where we live or the seaside for the day. Her precise choice was in fact “a trip to Mudeford to have afternoon tea please!”. So we accepted her wishes (with ease actually as kids parties are hectic at the best of times! especially at the minute!) So off we went to the beach for the day (which I will write about more very soon! but here’s another couple of pictures of our family in May in a little spot that we visit almost every year).

 Quick before the horses come! I love these images too as the sun was so golden shining on us, but just look at how dark those clouds are behind us. Luckily, they never broke out on us though!
 ‘What a bonkers and tiring day it’s been!’
Just a bit closer so you can see that its actually an outtake, ha!
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  1. Mary Smith says:

    Lovely pictures. SO pleased things are working out and the addition is fitting in with everyone haha not that they have a choice! Sounds like a crazy but great month x

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