Our siblings in June 2016

I know I say it quite a lot but I feel so extremely fortunate to be my little tribes Mama, that added with the pride I feel that I was able to carry and birth them. I feel like this parenting journey goes in stages and this stage I’ve been introduced to once again with adding a new sibling and watching my little loves bond so well together is something just so special.
They really have been brilliant with baby É in each of their own little ways and together as a whole.
The older girls have been having moments of squabbling but will make up within minutes due to the fierce love they hold for each other. It’s so funny watching them as they bicker like a pair of old ladies then giggle at the most simple thing the next. Watching them practice their climbing skills on the swing frame, with biggest sister offering her guidance and just looking at how they can work together on things makes me sit and take it all in just for a moment. You’ll often catch Halle singing to baby E, or saying “I’m your favourite cousin” and when correcting her saying “You’re sisters Hal”, she’ll then say “well she likes it when I say this more!”. On many occasions you’ll see Yve’s getting huge smiles from her too by making silly noises, cuddling & pulling funny faces, its such a blessing to watch.
They’re so great with their little brother too, he’s ridiculously forward for his age, this has also been said to me by strangers and health professionals too but me being his mama I can see it first and foremost. He is a complete chatterbox and has definitely been spurred on by his bigger sisters but also maybe being the third child he has wanted to put his stamp on things and bring his part to our family since learning how to interact. Its hilarious though as they all have a slight obsession with the ninja turtles at the minute and get in huge debates on who’s who, and then you’ll catch them all play-fighting with light-sabers in the garden, then creating tea parties the next. Affection is something we have floating around the house, I love the way they take in turn to just go and snuggle with each other or all together without any prompts, catching them talking to each other seemingly in their own little world.
Phoenix has taken the role of big brother so well, he absolutely loves to make sure E is okay, and insists on giving her big kisses and cuddles throughout the day and ‘helping’ Mummy pick her up by assisting her head too. Its adorable when he tells her how much he loves her, and even more adorable when he says “I think she likes me Mummy”I look at these photos, and my heart skips a beat. Aspects of their childhood together, the honest and most simple moments together as a unit. I say it every time but I am extrememly thankful to have these four in my life, as much as I want time to slow down (majorly) I am also feeling so lucky to have watched them grow together so far. I also look back at our April photos and to see how much baby has grown already is crazy!

Our little tribe.


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