Gentle skincare for pregnancy & beyond.

Something that seems to alter throughout my life is my skin. Now it can be so sensitive at times, then fine the next leaving me wondering what I was concerned about in the first place. In my case though, I know diet changes these things, especially when I haven’t had enough water or eaten enough foods containing nutritious factors. This has always been the case when I have been expecting a baby, or breastfeeding.

All of your goodness can easily be drained from you when experiencing these two things and for me, it wreaks havoc on my skin sometimes. This obviously goes hand in hand with all the added hormone changes and the not having enough time to tend to your drink and water needs quick enough sometimes which ultimately leaves you feeling pretty rubbish anyway so to have dried out skin or skin thats breaking out added to that it can be a bit ‘blah’ in all honesty.

Where I do experience these changes, and have done for the past 6 years with the four pregnancies & breastfeeding journeys i’m cautious as to what I put on my skin as I don’t like very heavy, thick products that will make my skin go bubbly or erupt with blemishes, particularly products that use harsh chemicals are a no-go. 

So when Green People asked if I wanted to review their new sensitive and scent-free collection, I agreed instantly as I’ve used their products before with our little ones and was definitely impressed. I was sent the light day moisturiser and the hydrating calming serum for night time application. These came just in the nick of time as I was expecting our fourth baby, and was soon to be breastfeeding.

The day cream gives enough hydration without leaving your skin feeling greasy and clogged with product, its light but maintains great coverage. It also contains powerful yet gentle skin-balancing plant actives including willow bark and prebiotics. Whats great about these properties is that they contribute to soothing and help prevent skin blemishes and also suitable for people who suffer with eczema, psoriasis, along with other skin allergies.

The night serum again is a perfect formula twinned with the day time cream. I love to apply this after having a soak in the bath then I know my skin is really absorbing in the great aspects of it without leaving my skin feeling clogged. Its an organic product oozing with skin firming elements without the nasty chemicals. This product also contains clinically proven firming actives to help with anti-aging – anything with this is a must right?!

Green People also very kindly sent me an exclusively new product called the Beauty boost skin restore cream that acts as a little ‘pick me up’ and boosts your skin rather than spending time doing face masks, or other treatments – this is cost effective, and easy for busy Mamas such as myself. I absolutely love the smell of this product, its aroma is from organic lemon, mandarin, Ho wood and essential oils with all oils being 92% certified organic ingredients too. It’s known to be a ‘first aid’ for all skin types and I can totally agree, once I’ve applied it, I instantly feel my skin reaping the benefits.

The day & night moisturisers retail at £17.50 each and the Beauty boost retails at 18.50. Now for some this may seem a bit pricey (I would’ve usually thought so) but they are genuinely so well made, and to be honest, what price is the right price when it comes to the care of your skin? I would definitely recommend these products for anyone really, but especially those with sensitive skin, or at times where your skin may seem more sensitive such as in pregnancy or when nursing a baby. Since starting to write this post, I have been feeding my sweet baby and maintaining these products in my facial routine and they’ve definitely helped keep my skin in a good balanced state.

They also have a fantastic baby & childrens collection which you can see more about here.

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