Our family in June 2016

This month has come and gone the fastest without a doubt. It seems just like yesterday that I was still expecting our fourth little baby yet suddenly she is almost eleven weeks old. Blimey life whizzes when you least expect it right?
This month has seen lots of changes for our family, starting with my other half taking the plunge with leaving his job to start up his own business. A very scary idea but something we both spoke about lots and believed that it was the right time to take the jump. So far it’s going really well, obviously no job is guaranteed to be certain whether it’s when your employed or self employed but we’re taking each day as it comes and being thankful for each opportunity that arises. It’s also enabling us to have more of a balance while our children are little, it got to the point where he would consistently be getting home after the kids bed time or just feeling burnt out and not reaping benefits by doing so. This way we are able to actually eat dinner together sometimes, get back to reading more bedtime stories and enjoy these years to the max.
I’m also hoping to gain more work through this blog of mine along with my small business set up in the near future. For now though I’m cherishing the days being a Mama and trying not to get emotional about little É being our last newborn. She’s growing so fast and is a cheeky chunk but I’m refusing to say she’s not a newborn anymore (at least for a few more weeks) even though she’s looking so much bigger and is definitely very forward for her small age!)
I also had a day in London last weekend to attend Britmums for the first time. It wasn’t at all what I expected but it did teach me a few things from a different perspective. More on this soon….my little lady was an absolute gem though so that was an enjoyable feeling, especially snuggling her on the coach journeys to and from London.
So this month I have been:
Watching my four babies bond.
Watching my baby girl É interacting and goo’ing.
Gaining new perspectives from Britmums Live.
Also enjoyed hanging out with some lovely ladies there.
Daddy has been:
Being his own boss.
Seeing the little ones much more.
Getting more DIY done around the house.
Yves has been:
Handwriting letters to her friends and family.
Setting up dens and tea parties (inside & outside!)
Loved our ‘nature warriors’ walk with water balloons.
Perfecting her cartwheels, headstands and roll over crabs.
Halle has been:
Enjoying her sessions in her new class for September.
Loved our ‘nature warriors’ walk with water balloons.
Loving making up stories and dance routines.
Phoenix has been:
Obsessed with Ninja Turtles! The blue one!
Loves his bedtime with blue blanket.
So happy to have been in Daddy’s new van and sitting in the front.
E has been:
Loving mama milk & snuggles.
Interacting more and more each day.
Sleeping lots better.
Doing little giggles at silly faces.
watching her big siblings with more knowledge of who they are 🙂
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  1. Clarina S says:

    These are such GORGEOUS photos of you all! Such a lovely little brood!! Love Yves faces in them all as well! Was so nice to meet you at BML16! Looking forward to hearing all your reflections!

  2. What a beautiful family!
    I'm looking forward to reading about your BML experience too – I didn't muster the courage to get there.

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